Friday, October 21, 2011

Step Up with Stampin' Up

Ooh!  Check this out!  I went to a friend's Stampin' Up workshop last night and made this bit of awesomeness:
 This card style is called a Center Step.  It might be called something else too.  I know it looks complicated with it various folds and cuts but once you have the measurements it is a breeze.  Or rather it is a breeze if you have one of those slide rule style paper cutters.  The side slits are one inch in from the side and one inch up from the bottom and then you cut your slit X inches long which is easy to do with those slide style cutters but nigh impossible with a rotary or guillotine style cutter.  You could make the cuts with a ruler and Exacto knife too if you have the ability and skill to use one.  I don't have either.

I really like this card all the way around.  I love the autumnal colors used, the patterned paper strips are scrumptious, and the image is awesome too. The image makes me think of an old milk jug with cattails, wheat stalks, and yucca tops that we used to have in our house in Ohio.  Ah, childhood memories....  Wait?! How did we have yuccas in Ohio?

The Fine Print: Everything Stampin' Up from the cardstock, to the patterned paper, to the punches, to the images, and the ink.  The colored pencils used to color it were not SU, so I guess I just fibbed about everything being SU.

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Sheela Will said...

Love, love, LOVE this one! The style is great, love the colors, and really love the stamp! (And, a little lie once in a while is probably okay.)