Sunday, October 2, 2011

National Day After WCMD!

I was given permission by the hubby to continue making cards today even though it isn't any kind of official card making day.  What a nice guy!  (and "as if" for those who were wondering).

I must say I enjoyed yesterday's challenge of trying to use up some of those pre-printed card bases that I had lying around on my desk.  I still have some to play with.  But that brings me to this terrible thing:
This is one of the card bases I have on my desk.  What on earth could someone do with that?!!  I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of stripes to begin with, but this is extra obnoxious.  There are way too many colors on that thing.  If you have any great suggestions on what to do with it, please tell me in the comments.  Using it for kindling could be a great suggestion!

Meanwhile, I looked at the Not So Hot card I made last night and decided that it wasn't so hot.  I added some twine and bling to it to help jazz it up a bit.  I think this is much improved:

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Desert LuCiA said...

Cover it with a solid so the stripes form a border. Then you can do whatever you like on the blank sheet!