Saturday, July 22, 2017

You Can Do Anything

Recently there was a discussion crawling through my Facebook feed about which of these 4 superpowers would you pick? I don't know remember what they all were but one of them was invisibility.

As someone who drives many miles across town every work day with an apparent cloak of invisibility on, I can say with authority it ain't something you want. I'm constantly dodging and weaving other drivers who I guess cannot see me.  Remember, invisible doesn't mean invincible!
It's a real hassle. As far as superpowers go I think I'd like the one where I could eat anything I wanted and magically be physically fit (instead of physically pfft).

The Fine Print: You can do anything, except for what you can't. Parts 'n stuff from an old Simon Says Stamp kit.


Fikreta said...

your card is gorgeous!
love it!
yes that is great power to eat all and be fit :D

Barb said...

Your card is fabulous Judy. Great colours and I love the retro style. I think I might choose the same superpower - cheese and chocolate and I'd be in heaven! Barbxx

Bonnie said...

If we could do anything what excuse could we use for not doing something! I'm with you. I want the eat anything and be fit! Love the card by the way!

Susan Itell said...

GREAT POST and great card....thanks for the reminder in life.....there is nothing like cheese and dark chocolate!

butterfly said...

Ooh, yes, excellent choice of super power - turning calories into muscle and energy instead of fat!! Failing that, I should like to fly, I think - but with some invincibility added into the mix in case of accidental falling...

Love the card. Have still not managed to take my birthday balloon ride with my brother - it's been postponed four times now because of weather. Do you think the universe is trying to tell me something?!
Alison x

kiwimeskreations said...

Fabulous card Princess J - love the pop of red there!!
I think I would also want the same superpower that you have chosen :-)

Craftychris said...

Fab card and I love the band of red, it really pops! I wouldn't like to be invisible although sometimes I feel like I am! I like your idea best for a super power! xxx

Greta said...

I'm with you! Cute card, too!