Monday, July 17, 2017

Monday Monday Monday

It's time for mailbag Monday where I show you the mail I received in the last week. I only got one thing leading me to believe that one of you is pilfering mail out of box. Right? I mean that's the only logical explanation.

Yes, there are two cards here but the top one is from the previous week that got left out. Since we seem to be lacking cards I'll show you this magic mushroom card I made the other day. A friend said to me that her mushroom background paper wasn't nearly as colorful as mine. I told her that's because she hasn't colored hers in yet.
The Fine Print: By gosh, who invented these things called Mondays?! Wild about you card all products by Stampin' Up cuz I'm a SU pusher. 


Fiki said...

so pretty happy mail!

Maxine D said...

Loving the mail call Princess J - and also your magic mushroom card - did you colour it while under the influence, to make it so colourful ;-)??

Bonnie said...

Love those colorful mushrooms, PJ!