Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A Duck in a Truck

Love is in the air. So is humidity. It's okay though because we actually got rain to go with it.  For visual proof, see the photo below.
Yes, that is a rubber ducky floating the back of my truck. You can also see a zillion paint chips and the like from our recent house painting. The other fluff is pollen. No wonder my allergies are a mess. I truck in pollen from work!

The Fine Print: Balloon and cloud dies by Stampin' Up. Truck by Toyota. 


Di said...

Only you would be driving round with a duck in its own pond PJ! 😅


Di xx

Maxine D said...

Love your card Princess J - as for the duck in the truck, it reminds me of our honeymoon - we were in a small town and it was the start of the duck shooting season. When we went to go out to the ute(truck) in the morning there was a 'duck in the truck' (tray) as it obviously felt safer there than on the local waterways!!

Fiki said...

your card is so sweet!
oh you have pool!
can I come to swim with that ruber duck?
have a nice day

Heidi Stamps said...

Fun card, that color combo always works so well. I can never remember to try it myself, though!

Bonnie said...

I love this balloon! Pretty colors! I see a duck bill in the reflection of your rear window! Now that's scary!

Angela Bode said...

Your card is gorgeous! I love that hot air balloon!!! Awesome! Yikes on the truck! Cute that you have a rubber duck floating in it!!