Saturday, October 15, 2016

Terrible Tape

HER: Look, I found this weird craft tape in my desk. I have no idea about it...

SOMEONE ELSE (mumbling): Oh, it's Scor Tape

ME: Oh! It's that tear-able tape.

HER: It's terrible?

ME: No, it's tear-able.

HER: It's no good huh? Terrible...

ME: No, it's great. It's... um.... rip-able.

HER: OH! That tear-able tape. That stuff is the bomb! I didn't recognize it.
I don't even want to tell you how many random rolls of Scor Tape I gave away before I discovered that that stuff is indeed the bomb. The fact that it is tear-able is so awesome. You don't have to hunt around on your desk under all the piles for the scissors and it sticks really great too.
If I ever finish off the enormous pile of random roller tapes my friend gave me Scor Tape will be my go-to tape. It will probably be a couple of years before I get to that point unless I go on some very serious card-making benders.

The Fine Print: Cards and parts from Club Scrap "Equestrian" kit. 


Janeen said...

I enjoyed that dialogue. I like my scor tape too! especially for gluing down fun foam or anything glittery. For runners I always liked my tombow but then they would get all sticky and start breaking the roll and I would try to finish using the roll by, well I don't even know how to describe what I did, ha ha. For a couple of years now I have enjoyed the ATG large tape thingy for the economics and the durability of it. I always buy the refills on sale at hobby lobby or Michaels. For cost effectiveness.

cotnob said...

Great cards Judy, you've been busy.

Carol L said...

The cards today are fabulous - especially that star-shaped ribbon slide! I have all this ribbon and the dies to make slides and I never remember to use them.........sigh! Good luck using your tape stash :)

kiwimeskreations said...

Princess J you have excelled yourself - these are wonderful cards. how awesome to find a tape that you love and works - i.e. is 'da bomb'!!

Fikreta said...

beautiful cards!

Bonnie said...

Terrible tape is much better than that red line stuff I used to have and threw in the trash in a fit of frustration! A friend was using the tearable tape and convinced me it wouldn't drive me crazy! It is awesome isn't it? These are really great cards too! Nice simple designs that would be great for a guy or gal!

Greta said...

Gave away Score Tape?! At least now you know how great it is! Nice cards!