Sunday, October 2, 2016

Fall Birthday

The other day I was trying to tell this story to someone significantly younger than me. I had to preface almost everything about the scenario. "Well, see back in the day telephones didn't have caller ID so you didn't know who was calling when the phone rang, and then when it did ring and you answered it you were attached to wall by a cord and..." By the time I explained all that I forgot the point to the story and was feeling significantly old. Oh well, at least I didn't have to fend off dinosaurs on the way to school while I walked uphill in the snow wearing bread wrappers for shoes, cuz that's old.

The Fine Print: This vision of fall loveliness is brought to you by the letters "H" and "B" and by Club Scrap mostly except for that paper flower.


Sarn said...

It certainly is a vision of fall loveliness! Great card PJ.

I know the feeling by the way. I still think 'tablets' are something you swallow!

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Barb said...

Was your phone black Judy or did you have a red one. Not having a phone in your house when you were a child makes you really old - I know!

Your card is lovely Judy. They're lovely autumn colours. Barbxx

AJ Bodine said...

Technology changes so fast, it's easy to feel old and behind the times. But hey, we know how to make cards and blog them, that's a wonderful thing! Speaking of, your fall birthday card is wonderful!

And, here's some super exciting news, you must not have read my blog post from the other day. Your name was drawn as the winner of my prize pkg from the coffee hop! Please email me at rutabagapiedesigns . blogspot . Com

AJ Bodine said...

Sorry, I meant @ gmail dot com

cotnob said...

A lovely card Judy, pretty colours,
I saw a photograph on Facebook the other day of an old fashioned record player with the records stacked up with the caption 'this is what we called a play list in my day' - that made me feel very old!

KT Fit Kitty said...

Yeah, IKWYM, sometimes I feel like the dinosaur! Gorgeous card - I just love fall colours!

Craftychris said...

Fabulous card! I can relate to your phone discussion, I am always feeling old after discussions like that! xxx

kiwimeskreations said...

Ah yes, the fun of answering when you don't know who's on the other end - and not being able to move away from the wall..... hmmmm - I must be old too!!
Love the card Princess J - gorgeous colours and composition

Greta said...

You made me laugh! It's all perspective--you'd feel young if you were talking with me--haha! Wonderful Fall card--love that background & the ribbon! Hope you're feeling better now!

Bonnie said...

Love that orange flower that draws the eye to it!