Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Cat Lovers Day 3 - Cats Rule

So um... cats may rule but I've had quite enough of them now. Can we change this to say the Chicken Lovers Hop and share stamps and projects made with chickens instead?

I was eating dinner last night when the Cat decided to vomit near me, and you know how cats have that uncanny ability to throw up more than twice their body weight? Yeah....  Just what you want when you are eating dinner.

Then later the Cat decided to vigorously clean her butt and left a wee dookie on the floor for me.  The Other Cat took offense to that and tried to cover it up, first using a catnip banana and then moving on to items she knocked off my craft desk--ribbon, scissors, scraps of cardstock...  *sigh* Cats.
But cats rule. Just ask anyone of us from the Cat Lovers Hop

The Fine Print: Dimensional sticks from JoAnns, cats rule greeting from my stash. 


Barb said...

Hehehe! it sounds as if you had a fun night Judy. I do love this cute card though. Love his big eyes. Barbxx

Bad Kitty (Fiki) said...

noooo we can not change it to chichken hop!
oh poor you!
hah your cats was so nice to you :D they left you a gifts!
your card is great!

Fiki from Croatia

DonnaMundinger said...

ROTFLMAO! A wee dookie! Yeah, not so good. Cat barf doesn't bother me much though, especially since half the time Goliath's is totally undigested and I just scrape it up and put it back in his bowl (JK!!!!!) However, Jezzie's barf usually includes a hairball which look like a GIANT dookie, so EEEEWWWW!!!! there ya go. CATS! At least you don't get rat guts like we do, or live lizards or mice that Jezzie brings in to play with. CATS!!!!! Love your card, BTW. xxD
dlmundinger(at)yahoo(dot)com USA

Carole said...

Eeewww!! I just had to look "dookie' up in the online dictionary - never come across that word before ... it was all fun and games at your house last night, Judy! Cute little kitty card today! x
caroleannjones2 (at) msn (dot) com

Carol L said...

By the looks of your cute card today it appears that cats also like to steal mommy's yarn and knit now and then too! (in addition to all the other disgusting things you mentioned) LOL Fun card with that sly little mouse at the bottom :) May you enjoy a pleasant uneventful dinner tomorrow!

Viki Banaszak said...

I like chickens too, I'm good with that. LOL What a cute card. I am sorry your kitties are being wild beasties today. USA

Maxine D said...

Ah yes - the throw up - mine used to wait until the wee small hours and then do it in the passage, so I could hear him - I once slipped on the carpet and measured my length trying to get to him.... nuf said!
Love your card for all that, and I hope you eat dinner in peace today Princess J!

LesleyG said...

Ewwwwww you really painted a picture I'd rather not have seen teehee, good job your cute card took my mind off it! Xxx

Karenladd said...

Owning cats can have its downside, that's for sure...but so worth it (right??!!!).
Love our quirky little kitty card with the looooooong tail!
kladd94803 at

D.Ann C said...

Haha...oops.. I'm probably not supposed to be laughing, but it brought back not-so-fond fond memories! If you read my story in the comments on Janis' Day 3 post you'll see why I'm glad a little barf doesn't make you react like my dad did! The things we do for love!!
Love the texture of your cat and the ball of yarn! (USA - dcomer1 gmail)

Rebecca Yahrling said...

What a super cute little kitty. Great card!
Hope tonight (or was it the night before - I am so behind
in posting comments!) is better.

KT Fit Kitty said...

OMGoodness, Judy, you crack me up! Just tell it like it is! What a lovely way to ruin your dinner! I get tired of the vomit too. Your little kitty sticker is sweeeeet! Such a cute card - that little mouse made me smile too! Cats definitely rule! Mine are so spoiled!

KT Fit Kitty
fitkitty1 at gmail dot com

Christi Conley said...

Hahahahaha! Your cats remind me of my on the Rainbow Bridge cats - I had one, Monster, who licked everything (I mean EVERYTHING) and she'd constantly lick up my hair (I have long hair). Well, one time her dooky formed around my hair, and sh*t was literally chasing her! She was freaking out but I was laughing SO hard it took a few before I could help her. She just couldn't get that sh*t away from her. Hehehehe! Love your creations in the hop - your posts have been a delight to read! ~ Hugs! Christi ~ StampinDiva at yahoo dot com ~ USA PS: We aren't too far away (I'm in Colorado) we should have a kitty play date!

SHartl said...

I love your funny big eyed black cat, with the unraveling yarn ball!

Bonnie said...

You've gotta love em! Love those big, wild eyes!

Michele K. Henderson said...

This card really makes me smile! But why we're so goods, isn't it? They all make us smile!
Take Care!

ike said...

Hahahahaha - I know I shouldn't laugh really but your story is sooo funny. :-D I must admit that I am not a cat yack fan either and one of my kitties must have a bit of a slack butt, cuz I quite often find tiny'dookies' (LUV your word ) hee hee
Oh, I think a chicken lovers hop would be hysterical LoL

May your day be dookie and yack free :-)


IKE xx

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Arianna Barbara said...

Wow! Such a funny and sweet card!!!

raggiodiluce82 at gmail dot com


Greta said...

Too cute!

Sue LD said...

Fun card and great cat stories.
slrdowney at hotmail dot com USA

Janis said...

Hahahaha.....yes, we cat lovers can all relate to your tales!!! lol...

My hubby is a vet and sometimes a client will come in saying their cat throws up "ALL" the time. He explores further, asking their best estimation of just exactly how often? Oh, once a month or so.... He gently tries to tell them that even healthy cats just throw up sometimes...and if the frequency is only once per month, they should feel fortunate!! Ha! So true. Wouldn't we all be glad to only have to clean up the gook once per month!!??!!

Love your sweet kitty card with the yarn and mousey! The polka dot print background is just perfect. Cats Rule...oh, my, yes! Cats Rule!!!

And I love my chickens, too, so if you want to organize a Chicken Hop, PLEASE let me know!!! That would be fun!

Thank you so much for participating in the 2016 Cat Lovers Hop!!!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com