Friday, November 6, 2015

Things to Ponder

Do you ever wonder if there is a limit to everyone's personal ability to learn? Do you think there is some arbitrary cut off point that happens that varies from person to person? Perhaps at some point your brain will be like, "No way, bro, that's it, the fount of knowledge is full!" and that will be it. You will never be more knowledgeable or learned than you are at that point.

Or do you wonder if maybe there is a price to pay for new knowledge?  Like maybe my learning about DNA and epigenetics comes at the cost of my forgetting the name of my elementary school and what ingredients go into a PB&J sandwich?

Maybe one day I'll be driving home from work and forget where I live and it will all be because I just learned how to multiply fractions that day.  It boggles the mind!

The Fine Print: I went to E.G. Shaw Elementary School and peanut butter and jelly go into a PB&J and for the love of everything holy do not add butter! What kind of freak does that?! Card stuff from Club Scrap "Random Doorways" to fit my random musings.


chrissy xx said...

Don't think there's any limit to what we can learn..The thing is sometimes we soak up what we as individuals accept in time could be classed as rubbish! Don't think you will loose the ability to return home PJ..Just keep hoping they didn't move without telling you lol.
LOve your cards..FABulous colours and design.

Sandy said...

I'm pretty sure you can keep learning, although I do think (at least in my case) there might be certain things I couldn't learn (like higher math) but that's due to limited ability, not a lack of space in the brain.
I do like the colors on this card.

Carol L said...

I want to keep learning, although the more I learn, the quicker I forget. It's hopeless sometimes, but oh wait! I came here to see your card! It's a good one with pretty framework! Now I need to stop trying to think - it hurts my brain :)

Fikreta said...

this is great card!

Sarn said...

And a BIG HELLO to you toooooo PJ! Terrific card and I love the colour scheme.

I think we all have the capacity to learn anything we WANT to throughout our life on earth . . . then be a happy slug or rabbit or something in the next one! Imagine if all slugs and rabbits were really brainy humans beforehand! Probably best not to think about that!

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Leslie Hanna said...

I love to keep learning, but I think I have a LILO brain: the new stuff pushes out the oldest stuff. I'm using this as my excuse to keep forgetting things, like "I KNOW I know what that word means".

Butter on a PB&J?! No, but my mom used to use cream cheese. It's not bad - you should try it.

LesleyG said...

Your club scrap is producing fab cards. Jelly is jam, and of course we add butter, elementary is primary, and I forget things a lot. Big hello back xxx

Bonnie said...

Pretty card! Love the blue and yellow with the touch of red! I think every time I learn something, some knowledge leaves. My hard drive is full!