Thursday, November 26, 2015

Gobble 'til you Wobble

For the longest time hubby and I would have cold pizza and colder beer for Thanksgiving. It was a very low maintenance holiday that made many folks jealous.  We haven't done that for a while as we started going out to places that had decent Thanksgiving dinners (decent meaning they had something other than ham or turkey to eat, because YUCK).

Even though we haven't done that in years people still say "Happy Pizza Day" to us instead of "Happy Turkey Day."  I'm okay with the traditional greeting that you see on the above card that I got from a friend, but this year for the sake of accuracy you can say, "Happy Mama's Beer Chili Day to you!"

The Fine Print: Card by my friend MER, dies from one of those fabulous die companies.


Leslie Hanna said...

Who said you could only eat turkey to be thankful? You can eat anything you want and be thankful that you can. Less clean-up, too.

Sandy said...

For several years, we took a vacation the week of Thanksgiving and ended up eating at the weirdest places on Thanksgiving (at the pub at the Harry Potter theme park, at the KFC in Freeport). Thanksgiving is not about the turkey.
Happy T-day

Squirrel x said...

We're having a Happy Leftover Chinese Takeaway Day, lol! Whatever you do, have a super one and enjoy the bonus holiday. Hugs from non-thanksgiving UK xx Psst. Fab fun forky food card!

Julia Dunnit said...

I like a Turkey Dinner but dont feel any pressure to produce one on a holiday! Last year Dh were looking forward to spending Christmas day on the sofa eating sandwiches...a real day off! It didnt' happen of course, people got wind of 'loneliness' and made offers and invites that we couldn't refuse!