Saturday, April 4, 2015

One Armed Crafter

The other day I shared with you a couple of cards I made with only one arm. I still have and had two arms, just one was occupied holding a telephone since I can't do that squish-it-in-your-neck thing and don't have a speaker phone.
I suspect it was a long phone call because I managed to get four cards made during it.  Then again, these creations pretty much just fell together since the parts came in a kit and I had already cut most of the parts up.  It also helped that I was limited to the length of the phone cord. I could only use whatever was nearby and didn't get distracted digging through piles of paper, embellishments and other random things.
The Fine Print: Card kit stuff by Club Scrap "Tribal" kit.


jimlynn said...

You do better with one arm than I do with two!!!!! Love the cards and that sentiment on the first one is so very true!

chrissy xx said...

Oh Boy! if ever there was a true word..I used to dream of stopping up late..
Never happened! Work and children was why..
LOve your one handed cards...great colours and design.
Long may you have people to ring you up lol.

KT Fit Kitty said...

Wow, you did great with one arm! I've tried colouring while on a phone call - speaker phone, luckily - but that's about all I can muster - can't craft while I'm distracted! I am in awe of what you accomplished! Love the sentiment on the first one - so true! Love the Asian design of the second!

Bad Kitty said...


Sandy said...

I think your comment about being limited to what supplies you could reach was spot on. I waste tons of time trying to find stuff.

Carol L said...

You must have had some practice with those one-arm bandits at the casinos to be able to make cards like this with only one arm! I especially like (and often quote) the first card! Nice job on both!

Bonnie said...

You do great with one arm, PJ! Love the saying on the first card! What were we thinking?

SARN said...

Just catching up . . . chuckling at you having to make cards while talking on the phone and only able to use one hand! You did good though! xxx