Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Who Are These Old People?!

Since I have vast experience ignoring annoying things I don't usually notice those ads they put on the side of many websites.  However, my computer had gotten bogged down so I was forced to stare at the ads for an extended period of time while checking my Yahoo mail.

It took awhile before it sunk in and once it did I realized that this ad showed up frequently in my sidebar, so I had no choice but to ask, "Who are these old people and why do they want me to date them?"

Hubby, ever helpful, asked, "What are you talking about?"

So I read the ad off to him, "'Meet single men in your area, 50+.'  This stupid ad shows up all the time!  Why would I want to date these old farts?!"
"Ummm.....," Hubby answered tentatively, "Because that would be age appropriate for you, being as you are in your late 40's."


The Fine Print:  Hubby is younger than me because if you get them young enough you can train them right as they grow up.  Bouquet stamps by Hero Arts.


KT Fit Kitty said...

You always crack me up! Yeah, sometimes I forget how old I am too! But then my body reminds me! A younger hubby, how lovely!

Carol L said...

LOL! My hubs is younger too, so I get zactly what you're talking about! :) Very pretty card with that gorgeous bouquet of flowers!

Di said...

Oh too funny PJ! :) Gorgeous card too!


Di xx

Bad Kitty said...

Beautiful card

Leslie Hanna said...

Stoopid cookies track everything you do! I hate it when I see stuff I've searched for show up in my ads. I also ignore them, but it's really creepy to see something I JUST BOUGHT being suggested to me.

Also, watch out for things you might have clicked on from those "OOOOOOH, YOU MUST SEE THIS" crap. Did I say creepy? Yeah.

A side note: Many moons ago, when I still cared, I signed up for an online dating service. I kept getting men 15+ years older than me in my suggestions, so I checked my preferences for age brackets. Men could ask for women in a younger age than themselves, but women could not. I cried FOUL and I left the service. THE NERVE!

chrissy xx said...

A Beautiful vase of colour! I LOve your little bow too.
Beware! My hubby is younger than me. Sometimes i just want to rest...not track over hill and mountain lol.

Bonnie said...

Pretty bouquet of flowers! I should have got one younger than me. Mine's older and I never could train him!

Greta said...

You're so funny, Judy! Beautiful card!

Sarn said...

You do make me laugh with your wry and bold sense of humour PJ. I ALWAYS check the small print on your posts. I've been training my fella for just over 30 years and he's still and unfinished project! LOL!

Love your vase of flowers card and how you coloured it.

Hugs, Sarn xxx