Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sparkle Sparkle!

I just invented a new product! It's called Sparkle Spackle (which is what my fingers kept insisting this post be called).  It is spackle mixed with glitter, for when you want your patched holes to be FAH-bulous.  It's a big hit with all the landlords.
Or maybe it's not, but I'll bet this card is a big hit with all the landlords... assuming they like pink and glittery things.  I used the burnished glitter technique on the diamond.  It's an old technique I forgot existed until Leslie at The Crooked Stamper reminded me.  And yes, one of these days I promise to try the technique that had her burnishing glitter in the first place. But for now we're just making things shiny.
Yeah, that's hard to focus on but look! How. Shiny!
I did the burnished glitter over the lady on this card too.  It was a different kind of glitter and gave a much subtler shimmer to the image.  I added in a stripe of red glitter for some interest and really like how that turned out.

The Fine Print: All products by A Muse Studio except the renegade glitter on the bottom card by In The Making "Crystal Glitter Ritz" and the double sided sticky sheet by Grafix. Stamps used--Shine Bright and Bathing Beauties.  Cardstock used--grapefruit petite polka dot, onyx chevron, sweetheart cherry, onyx, and sugar. Other supplies--labels 1 die (made by Spellbinders, but A Muse sells it), sugar pearl stickers, cherry sequins, diamond and cranberry glitter and spica glitter pen (over the words 'sparkle' and 'glitter' but you can't see in these photos).


Krisha said...

I am a land lord, and I'm not too sure about sparkle spackle for my rental. But I did have one renter that let her daughter hang EVERYTHING in her bedroom with a NAIL, had I used Sparkle Spackle nobody would have been able to sleep in there again!....LOL

I adore the red card. I jumped over and read how she, and you put the sparkle to your cards.

Thanks for sharing.

Sandy said...

I like the superfine glitter on the image, and that red glitter strip X-ing over the ribbon looks fab -- what a cool idea.

Carol L said...

All of your glittered images look amazing, and my hat's off to you! I hate using all of that sparkly stuff with the mess! LOL

JD/ Jill said...

Neat card, and a neat technique...I bookmarked your link to read later...because I have lots and lots of those stickers too...smile.
Jim hates when I use glitter I always seem to get it everywhere but the card...

Leslie Hanna said...

Wait, so how did you do the glitter part? Did you stamp, glue, glitter, then burnish?

And thanks for the shout-out! You have a goooood memory. I don't even recall what I had for breakfast.