Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Musings

I have some quirks that can be a real wet blanket.  My mother and I used to love to go look at model homes or open houses.  We had no intention of moving but it appealed to our inner voyeur.  We loved to see how other people were living.

We would walk around the house and say where we would put what furniture, notate who would get what room and comment on different things about the house.  It was great fun...  ...but then I got my quirk.

I would look at the large mudroom entrance and think what a waste of space.  I see cathedral ceilings and wonder who the hell was willing to pay to heat and cool it.  I'd eyeball enormous western facing windows and pity the fool that had to deal with it.  I'd scoff at enormous sprawling bathrooms.  I'd peer into long deep set cabinets and feel sorry for whoever tried to store stuff "way back there."

That quirk has practical elements to it even though I still have no intention to move. It shows I'm in touch with reality.  But some of this reality-based practicality is just stupid, especially as it pertains to crafting.
Take this card for example.  It was a RAK to me from a friend and I love it.  I sent her that marbled blue paper so I'm glad to see she got some use out of it.  I love that it is a happy garden scene and I love that she added in a punch art butterfly for an embellishment.

Would I make a card like that? No way! Why? Because that's the Butterfly That Ate Manhattan!  That thing is bigger than the mailbox!  That thing could take you out!!!  It isn't proportional.  I can enjoy looking at it, but I couldn't make it.  Yet, think about it...  Proportional sized butterflies would be too small to make an impact on this card.  And it's art so you "get" that this depicts a butterfly filled garden, not some B-horror movie.  So what I need to do, is get the heck over it.

The Fine Print: Butterfly that ate Manhattan punch by Martha, other than that I have no clue.  Someone told me that was an OCD tendency but I'm not sure I buy it since I lack other OCD traits like calling it CDO because that is in correct alphabetical order.


Janeen said...

I like those friends who pull me out of my "correct" zone. I know exactly what you mean. They can do it and pull it off, I cannot. I am ripping the card apart to make it "correct"

Craftychris said...

I have a battle with myself over the same thing. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose! xx

Carol L said...

I enjoy your perspective on this card, and have the same thoughts. BUT......the paper is absolutely GORGEOUS!!

Irish Cherokee said...

Anyone who visits and does not stop to read your post is missing more than half the fun. I often find myself backing up and looking at things more than once. There has to be a redeeming factor here. Then I go into artistic mode and we are OK. LOL. love it. Jim

Joyce said...

Lovely card that your friend sent you. I have to laugh, because we often go to model homes, just to be nosy and for fun. And, I have been paying the household bills long enough to always be thinking about those very same practical questions. I mean, it's a house, not a card.

Darnell J Knauss said...

You SLAY me!! Hugs, Darnell

MaryH said...

I'm smiling at your post! We used to love to go look at models and did the same thing you described. No $$$ to buy anything, but it was fun to dream. Your card is so pretty (I love the birdhouses). I think this is something like 'poetic license' (?artistic license?) if objects don't have to be realistic or proportionate...but anywhoo, it's a lovely card, and that swirly paper is yummy.