Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July 2 Workdesk Wednesday

I haven't joined in Workdesk Wednesday for a long time so I thought it was time to jump in and snoop around.  I'll show you mine if you show me yours.  Seriously, if you haven't checked out WOYWW, as it is known, you should.  You get to see lots of crafting spaces, lots of projects in progress, and sometimes a delicious mess.
Sorry, no delicious mess here for you today because I spent last night cleaning off the top of the desk.  I had lost all available work space.  I couldn't take a "before" photo because the camera was lost in the rubble somewhere. Now there is lots of room to play and even some items sitting out ready to be played with.
These little ladies are on top of my desk, waiting for me to play with them.  They are from a new set from A Muse Studio called bathing beauties.  They are fun to paper piece and as you can see I got carried away making them.
I don't have a card of my own to show you so I'll show you the one I received in our mystery item card challenge from my big stamp group.  Every month if you chose, you receive an item and have to make a card with it.  You don't know what the item is until you receive it.  It was punched grass strands, which can be seen here as this ladies eyelashes.  It is so neat to see what people come up with to use the mystery item on.

That's it for me.  You may want to check out my post from yesterday as I have a give away on it.  It does require a little work on your part as you have to peruse some new stamps and tell me what you'd buy (horribly HARD work, I know).  If you don't feel like working you can at least say hi to the kitties.  They are all there.

The Fine Print: Mystery item card by Elizabeth Rascon. That's really all I got. I know a lot of you read down here to read something funny or snarky but I'm lacking in both fun and snark.  The bottle of allergy pills I took seemed to have killed those off (yet the nose runs on).


Squirrel x said...

OMG, too much to choose from - but being a sucker for words and fonts, I love the Say It With Style set! Hugs xx

Carol L said...

Just look at that nice, clean desk - just waiting to be all messed up by creating something! LOL I love those bathing beauties and the eyelashes are a hoot!! Can't stop laughing :)

Fuzzie Fingers said...

What a beautiful desk and work space you have. Thanks for sharing.

Gillian Pearce said...

Your desk looks perfect for your next creation. That mystery item game sounds great. It such fun sometimes to be "forced" to work with something you wouldn't normally choose.
Have a creative week
Gillian #28

Roberta B said...

Oh my ... those are so super cute. That's a lot of little fussy cutting..ekes! I see something's on your side bar I want to go look at.. so just want to say thanks so much for the peek. Bert 69

Shoshi said...

Lovely to see you back, Judy, and what a tidy desk!! Thanks for your visit and your nice comment. I made the little book from scratch, entirely from recycled materials, and am now having great fun on a journey of exploration, trying new techniques and producing lots of textures etc. I'm really enjoying it!

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #23

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Princess Judy,

No snark?!? I hope your allergies are soon somewhat relieved. I was quite impressed with the clean desk. The ladies are great - are they stamps?

I haven't really done anything crafty in a while. I did make some so-so ATCs for the swap. As usual they didn't come out quite like I wanted.

Thanks for stopping by already. My connection is so dang slow today I may have to wait until I'm at work (shh) to actually go around visiting.

Hugs, Kay

Irish Cherokee said...

I have to say your work area is a showplace. Right now there are computer parts, Craft stuff, bills, recipes, allergy drops, astronomy binoculars and some other things I'm not even sure what they are cluttering the area. I've been looking for some lost craft tools and I'm not sure if my alter ego (Cherokee) hid them or if a black hole opened up and swallowed them. Guess it is time to clean house. Wonder how much a dumpster costs!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Fun fun fun!! Getting my desk all clean is always a great feeling!

Heather 76

Anne said...

That is one very tidy work place. Hope you soon feel better. thanks for visiting me. Anne x #32

Anonymous said...

Hope your allergies are better soon. Your bathing beauties are so neat -- I can see why you wanted to make lots of them. Thanks for visiting and happy WOYWW! ~ Laura

MaryH said...

Whoo-Hoo. I need you to come clean my desk! (it isn't nearly so attractive as yours though - even clean). Love those bathing beauties. Bet the paper piecing was a bit like playing with paper dolls (well, I had those as a kid, you may not be old enough to have had any. Don't know if paper dolls are even still around!) Anyhoo, they are cute! Love your nurse card too. Bet that gave you a smile when you saw this lady with such an attitude! And did the kitties pick from the catalog yet? TFS & Hugs

Lisa-Jane said...

Are those ladies dies? I can imagine little girls having fun paper piecing those! #26

Mrs.D said...

Judy I was going to say what a tidy work space you use and then realised you had cleared it specially for us, looks good though. You have had fun with those bathing beauties.
Looking back at yesterday post, I can't get the catalogue to open on my tablet, so I'll choose your pussy cats, but I guess they are not for sale, and posting to UK might be difficult.
Thanks for visiting.
Chris # 42

Neet said...

Have so missed your posts. Welcome back!
Gosh that nurse card is amazing, lucky you. Love your bathing belles too.
Hugs, Neet 10 xx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

nice clean desky fun there!! well done on clean up! love the paper piecing - happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #4

Angela Radford said...

That is one gorgeous desk. Look forward to seeing what you make on there.
Happy crafting, Angela x #48

chrissy xx said...

Yikes! That's one clean desk..Even your cats gone missing lol.. LOving your 'ladies' a little scene of times gone by..will wait to see were they end up! Should make a lovely scene. I LOve to see a girl with long eyelashes too,never had a pair but would love to see how they looked on me! What a brilliant idea. ..LOving this image too.

Eliza said...

OK I need mess, that desk is too clean. I love the use of the grass how outside the box is that one. This is why I love getting around the world and seeing what others are doing and using, you get wonderful ideas like this one.

Thanks for sharing and say hello to the new kitty. Maybe you can sneak a photo to me.

Hugs Eliza

vic said...

Pretty card I'm loving your desk and craft bits!!!

Vic x

fairy thoughts said...

hi PJ
welcome back very tidy shot this week uope you get it messy soon.... im sure you will
love the eyelash lady I think she reminds me of someone
janet #7