Tuesday, January 22, 2013

You Put the 'x' in Xenophobe

I haven't updated my blog for a week, which I'm sure is something I don't need to point out to you, but I felt I would anyway, because hey, words is words.

And right there is the reason I haven't posted in a week--because of words.  Or rather the lack of them. Oh sure, last week was the first week of school (where I work) so I was real busy answering all those dumb questions that people who've never worked the information line say don't exist.  Plus I was silly enough to take a class so I had this awful stuff called homework looming over my head (and three quizzes which is just immoral and wrong).  But despite all that it was not knowing what to say that caused me to not post.

It is also true that I haven't done much crafting lately but I still have a pile of stuff to share with you that I made over Christmas break, like the card above.  Somehow, though I thought I should add words to my blog instead of just pictures, but what to say beyond here is a card I made over Christmas break?  In fact, that is exactly what I said to my friend who complained about my lack of blogging.  Her answer was to write something funny.  I told her that I didn't know if I had funny things that would relate to the card in question.  Her reply was, "Who cares?!"  And indeed, who does care?  If it is you who wants the photo and the story to match then you will be sadly disappointed in this post.  If you are wild and free spirited then read on.

Once upon a time, possibly in the 80's, there was a very popular song by Kiss that went, "You put the 'x' in sex."  The song was playing on my car stereo as a male friend and I drove around.

"What does that even mean anyway?" my friend asked.  "You put the 'x' in sex?"

"Umm..." I answered, wondering where the joke of this question could be going.

"Why the 'x'?  Why not the 's' or the 'e'?  It could be like 'e' for excellent!"

"Or 's' for satisfactory?"

"Exactly!" my friend answered. "See! You get it.  Why 'x' in sex? That's just silly."  He was truly puzzled why anyone would sing about one of the letters in a word.

"Uh, you don't think it could be 'x' like x-rated, do you?" I queried.

"No.  That doesn't make any sense," responded my friend. " I think they've run out of topics to sing about and now just have to make shit up." And there the case was closed, never to be discussed again.

So sometimes when my life is going along just fine without any weirdness or hitches, I think to myself, "And just why do they care about the 'x' in sex?"   And then I laugh.

The Fine Print: Okay, so maybe not the best funny story, but it makes me laugh every time I think of it. My friend was so seriously puzzled over it.  In my world it ranks right up there with the meaning of the word "the." Cards made with Club Scrap stuff from the December "Big City" kit.


butterfly said...

Well I think it deserves serious thought... I like your X-rated; or the X factor = that certain something that only sex has; or X as in the symbol for kissing, for the soppy romantics out there...

Anyway, xxxxing cool card!
Alison x

My name is Cindy said...

Well, you put the x in sex makes more sense to me than you put the X in xenophobe which I don't get at all (temporary mental lapse, had to look up xenophobe). But nitpicking about words aside it's always a joy to read your posts whether they are about crafting or not. Especially not I would suggest. But I know what you mean, sometimes I ain't got much to say. Like your BIG 'Thank You'. Cindy

fairy thoughts said...

humour is a funny thing (see what i did there)sometimes I am the only one who 'gets' it dont know why and I don't really care if I think it's funny then it just is!
my favourite joke...
see my post this week on WOYWW

sandee said...

Love your card and always enjoy reading those words that you string together to tell a story! So...why do they put the x in sex?....hmmmm...♥ waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Krisha said...

Isn't it amazing what stupid questions people will ask? I worked at a call center and was blown away at some of the questions people had.
The "X" in sex (?) I guess is really no different than "la la" means I Love You ....go figure! Your card is great, and your blog is always fun to read. I "get" your sense of humor......should I be afraid???