Sunday, January 27, 2013

I've Been Up Stampin'!

In recent times I've been to three different Stampin' Up activities.   I thought I'd share a couple of the cards I made at them.  These are my two favorite, and the two I can easily locate.
This one was from an open house and it copies a sample in the new catalog, which is chock full of wonderful things that I MUST have!  Must have all the things!  I really like the different patterns on this card and how the page of text is sideways. I never thought to put words any other way than right side up.  This opens new doors for me!  Now, close the door, it is chilly outside.
This pretty card was made at a workshop. I really like this and as soon as I saw it thought it would make an excellent mother's day card.  The piece with "get well" on it is lightly tacked on it case I decide to change out the greeting.

Long before A Muse came into the picture I always thought that I would like to sell Stampin' Up.  However, in my town you can't swing a dead cat (or even an alive one) without hitting an SU demonstrator.  Of course, I would be my own best customer and probably not need anyone else, but that's another story.

The Fine Print: All the wonderful goodness by Stampin' Up with the possible exception of the page of text but definitely not the fringing scissors used on it.  And no, those weren't those fabulous scissors Martha has either.  They were from grandma and passed down through the generations, so we were only allowed to gaze upon their beauty, not actually touch them.

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SandeeNC said...

I love the cards, and I am like you, my text would have been put on the other way...I'm such a traditionalist! or waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)