Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Whazzup?! WOYWW 188

Hello and Welcome to another edition of What's on Your Workdesk brought to us by the fah-bew-lous Julia from Across the Pond. 

So what is on my workdesk this cold and frozen Wednesday morning?

A cat!  What else would be on there?  I thought this picture was interesting because Charles almost looks like a real cat here.  He is still a pesky kitten although a large, pesky kitten.  He is so proud of his ability to jump and climb.

Above are what delights are hidden within the desk.  From left to right is the usual stash of stuff, then the A Muse Studio retiring list (eek), a snowflake stamp set, a new scrubber for a workshop, heart dies, loose sequins (well, they are in a bag but they aren't strung together), a Stampin' Up punch, something I don't know what it is, a pile of stuff in the works (including the last little bits of the kit I've been showing off),  my lovely large roll of May Arts natural twine, and the usual stash to the right of the desk..
This is a card I made that I will be teaching at a workshop this coming weekend.  It is inspired by a card in the A Muse Studio Valentine catalog.  I think my version is better than theirs, or at least it shows off more products.  The card base is sprayed with their ink spray that they call Splash. I decided I would pre-spray the card bases before the workshop so we don't end up dyeing my friend's furniture, carpet, and house grapefruit pink ('cuz I'm nice like that).
Here is another card we will be doing.  It is inspired by another consultant's card.  She had ribbon and button on her card, which made it look more complete but I opted to leave off due to bulk.
 Here are the rest of the kitties so they don't feel slighted.  Poppy and Jack are enjoying the heater and Dio was leaping off my desk chair trying to catch the camera strap.

The Fine Print: All card stuff by A Muse Studio.  Top card-blush card base sprayed with grapefruit splash, "All for Love" stamp set, spring and Valentine's Day washi tape, and gold sequins, inks used grapefruit and cocoa Memento. Bottom card-cherry gingham base, cherry, and cherry heartprint cardstock, "Tweet Heart" and "Essential Sentiments" stamp sets, heart die, Spellbinders oval and scallop oval dies, cherry ink, and Tombow markers.


Bernice said...

At least you can close up your desk Judy! Too much 'stuff' on mine - but nothing worth showing - so not playing WOYWW this week! Great cards and very cute cats,

Jaki Morris said...

Hello long time no visit!!

I love that card, I have a SU stamp called Young Vermilion and haven't used it much. Your card has inspired me to bring him out

Jakix '76

Li'l Pidge said...

I do like the cards....but I especially like the idea of a desk I can pull the cover down over and hide that is genius!

Kyla #18

fairy thoughts said...

hi PJ
lucky you covered your desk before kitty climbing began other wise all sorts of trouble. Great cards, especially like the simplicity of the second one ( not easy to make 'simple' cards)
thanks for sharing
janet #23

Debs Willis said...

Love the kitties! When mine jumps on the craft desk he tends to panic and cause total devastation. Either that or he jumps straight onto the keyboard of my laptop before (of course!) I've saved what I;m working on loL!

Lovely desk, beautiful cards.

Happy woyww

debs #132

Shazsilverwolf said...

Lovely to see your puss-cats! They are gorgeous. I'm still intrigued by 'the something you don't know what it is,' lol.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #73

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I love that heart in the tree card, so pretty!! And the cats are awesome too, gotta say that so they don't get upset :)
Hugs, LLJ 38 xxx

Ria Gall said...

This is my first time at WOYWW and I hope you don't mind me looking around your blog while I am here.

May said...

Wee Charles has made himself right at home with his mountaineering skills!! Poppy & Jack have the right idea resting by the fire .. great cards... Hugs May x x x

butterfly said...

The spray effect is lovely - what even coverage, with really great subtle splatter pattern (oh, no - splatter analysis - I really have lost the plot now!). Great cards, hope you have a great class... Happy WOYWW!
Alison x

Lori said...

Love the cards and the kitties. Too cute!

I am new to WYOWW and a friend of Sandee. Hope you have a chance to check out my blog and desk.
Lori #81

Neet said...

Love the cards but the cats steal the show for me. Love Charlie a,d yes, he does look like a car rather than a kitten.

Neet said...

Sorry, I jammed. Love the picture of Charlie who is not a kitten any more. Love Jack, Dio and

Neet said...

Can't believe this, third time lucky. Don't want to hurt her feelings but Poppy should have been included. Sending love to Poppy.

Neet xxx

Krisha said...

LOL oh, PJ I love your posts! I also love the card with the tree on it....stunning! I need a tent to cover my work area, a LARGE tent!! LOL I have always wanted a roll top desk.
Krisha, getting around late

Claire said...

i haven't visited for a while - i've missed your beautiful desk :)
and what a beautiful, inquisitive pussy-cat!
Happy WOYWW and have a great week :o)
no. 10

Tuire Flemming said...

Great looking working place. Love the bird card, too.
But the cats are wonderful - Dio is my favorit :)

Have a lovely day!
Tuire #2

Jan Hennings said...

awwww! Love your kitties!

Andrea said...

BELATED HAPPY WOYWW sorry I was working late yesterday so didn't get around much love the cards especially the heart and bird wonderful stamping, your cats and kittens pics are fab god to see them joining in have a wonderful week hugs Andrea #67

Sandy Leigh said...

Yes, our kitting love to be on our desks! I love your card--so cute! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #104

sandee said...

I had to laugh when I saw Charles up on your closed desk, he looks like he is thinking..."how does this open..there's all sorts of good stuff to play with in there!" HA! Foiled again! One day late but aiming to comment on EVERYONE this WOYWW, waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Erika said...

Judy love your cards and laughing at the pup hoovers the floor eating anything I drop...but we love our pets! Even when they help, LOL.
Sorry for the late visit and happy crafting, hugs Erika. 97

butterfly said...

Hi Judy... You were right... the arches on the Good Old Days triptych are solid pieces! The green ones have come from round the outside of them - done by cutting the Large Cabinet card with the mini one inside of it - gets you small Cabinet cards and slightly larger arched frames. If you didn't put the mini inside, you'd have a solid version of the Large card... does that make any kind of sense?!
Alison x

Spyder said...

I think the cats are wondering what to craft next happy woyww
happy New Year

Queenie Jeannie said...

I love all your CAT-sistants!!! Lovely desk filled with great toys! Keep up the lovely cards!

Jeannie #60

Darnell J Knauss said...

Well, hellO stranger!! I love how you've done your cards, and they're better for sure! I don't know how you keep your little pet friends from playing with your goodies!

Have a wonderful week! Darnell #30

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh the kitty, he gettin wild and jumpy uppy.....evolving into big animal. Uh oh. You're sure he's a domestic cat?!!!! Love the cards, and i agree, our bird version is better than theirs. Neener neener.

Queen Lightwell said...

Ooh, the bird with washi tape card is so pretty! Did you make the background using a splatter tech? And your little kitty is pretty, too. :) Even though it is getting much bigger and jumping much higher! It's so awesome you can just pull the roll top down on your desk and not have to worry about the kitter's getting into any of that stuff...guess that doesn't work for the rest of your craft stuff though, huh? :) It is good to see you! Deeyll #142