Saturday, February 11, 2012

Some Days You're the Statue, Some Days You're the Bird

I'm definitely not flying high today.  I started out my crafting day breaking out my January Club Scrap kit.  Like the name implies, it arrived back in January.  I don't like to open up my latest kit until I have time to cut up the stamps and put tack-it-over-and-over adhesive on the backs of them so they are ready to go.  That was the best advice I ever got when it comes to these kits.  Otherwise, I would put off using them.   Now I have been shown the light!  Can I get an "amen"?!

Anyway.... I pulled out the stamps.  This month I got an additional half sheet of stamps (I don't really remember ordering that but this probably isn't the time to test my memory).  So I cut them all out and broke out the bottle of adhesive and...... promptly poured the tack-it-over-and-over adhesive all over my desk.  "How?" you ask...  I was holding the bottle at an angle to get it to run down, but I was fiddling with papers on my desk, and I was holding the glue brush and... yeah, whatever.  Just accept that fact that I had a huge pile of ULTRA TACKY glue on my desk, on my papers, on my cut up stamps, on my hands and oh yes, my nose was running so soon I had a Kleenix glued to my hands and face.  I did eventually get all the unmounteds cleaned up and tacky on the correct side and all the glue off my desk, hands and face, but that really killed my creative mojo for the day.

So instead of cards from the Navajo set, check out these cards I made last year some time with the Just Dandy set. And if they don't butter your biscuit for ya, well, too bad.
The Fine Print: Stamps, most papers and stuff by Club Scrap "Just Dandy"set, paper flowrs by Prima, square copper brads by unknow, doily die "Italian Flourish" by Cheery Lynn. 


Julia Dunnit said...

Oh would be easier to cope with if the Kleenex wasn't adding insult to injury! Don't blame you for suddenly not feeling like doing the cards, the font of the stamps is lovely.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I was totally waiting to put my arm down into the mess too. You know... why make a little mess when you can have a full on major disaster?!

Squirrel x said...

Lost for words! Hugs Sxx