Saturday, February 4, 2012

R. I. P.

Wayne Otto Mattson
November 5, 1929 - February 3, 2012

Loving husband and father, served as a lifer in the military (Lt. Colonel), saw combat and carried the bullet to the end to prove it, took up a second career at Raytheon, retired but couldn't sit still so he dedicated his time to working at the Alamogordo Space Center and doing extensive research in aeronautics, the space program, the stealth program, all things nuclear, the afterlife, aliens and UFOs, and all those interesting government secrets that the public would be shocked and horrified to know about.  He is survived by 3 cats, a dog, and some lunatic relatives.  See ya on the other side some day, Pops!

PS... you didn't think this RIP post was about my dead camera, did you?

The Fine Print: Dear FBI, CIA, NSA, CDC, HLS, LDS and anyone else who gets their panties in a wad over the public knowing "things,"  that old man took those secrets to his grave.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear of your Father's passing. I think your tribute was so special do to his interests. He would have enjoyed the card. Muriel Stevens

Di said...

Hi Judy - I thought things were a bit quiet honey. I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad's passing but this tribute (including the small print) would no doubt make him smile. Come and play in the snippets playground sometime soon. We'll all gather round to give you a hug and let you have first dibs on all the swings. Sending love and hugs,Di xx

May said...

Dear Judy, so sorry to hear of your Dad's passing, But I'm sure he's having a wee giggle at your lovely tribute and the card, Big Hugs May x x x x x

Suzanne/Zani B said...

I loved your tribute to your Dad! I would have loved to sit and chat with him, sounded a bit like my Dad. Maybe they will meet up now and have a good laugh and a story or two for one another.
They are never really gone, just around the corner!
Sending lots of loving support to you and your family.

Joan said...

What a wonderful tribute to your Dad. He sounds like he was a very interesting and interested man. The world is certainly missing people like him. Your card is good too.
Sincerely sympathy to you and your whole family too.
Love and Hugs,

Lavinia said...

Sending you a great big crafty hug!!!!!(((((SQUEEEEEZE)))) hope that was no to squeezy! Your Dad was a Hero! Theres not many like him who walked this earth & how lucky you were to get him as your Dad! Your words him have done him proud Judy! He would love the card too!