Monday, March 5, 2018

The First 3 Letters Spell 'DIE'

Since I've been asked multiple times if I'm dead or not, I thought I'd respond to let you know that I'm not dead, but things were touch and go there for awhile.

A few weeks or so ago I went through a spate were I was really tired all the time. I'd wake up tired, I'd go to bed tired, I'd spend all day tired... and I wasn't just tired, I was exhausted.

I mentioned it to a coworker of mine who keeps track of what I'm doing (someone has to) and she said she noticed I'd been eating less and she had a theory on all my tiredness: You're spending more energy each day than you are taking in.

So I just looked at her for a long time before muttering that she had obviously had no idea how diets work.*

In fact, I know she doesn't understand how diets work because her idea of a diet is to Google some celebrity name and eat whatever fad diet they are pushing that day. You know, like the cabbage soup diet for heart patients or the 6-apples-a-day-and-all-the-apple-juice-you-can-drink-diet, only if you don't actually have cabbage or apples in your house you can substitute Snickers bars and Oreo cookies.

Anyway, I'm not dead and I got over the 24/7 tiredness except for today. Today I am tired. I went to bed tired and I woke up tired and I even dreamed that I was tired! In my dream, I woke up tired and went to work anyway because if I didn't I couldn't go swimming after work and then that's exactly what happened. Well, almost.. I mean I'm still at work so I haven't gone swimming yet, but that's the plan.

Oh yeah, here's a card, cuz this is a card blog:

The Fine Print: *Yes, it's true, there is 19 less pounds of me than there used to be. Also, I'm tired today because I went to a stamp convention yesterday and it was awesome! But I was ON all morning and ON all afternoon and ON most of the evening and as a introvert all that ON is tiring. Leafy stamp by Stampin' Up and has been languishing in my pending file for however long it has been since I haven't posted it. I might post more unless I die because I fell asleep swimming, but either way don't hold your breath because I'm not, not even when I go swimming because I don't really swim when I'm swimming.


ionabunny said...

Dear Judy, diets are overrated. Do take care of yourself. I would hate to lose your amusing blogging to a eating disorder. Carmen's Veranda ( have some excellent sentiment stamps regarding diets (and lots of other ones as well) and if you join this card, or any other stamped wonder, to the Lost Coast Portal to Creativity challenge where it's anything goes ( you could win a gift voucher to get them, or something else if you prefer. Go careful with all that exercise as well. They say it's good for you, but why take the chance?? No help here really. I am a firm believer in chocolate for breakfast LOL. Hugz

Heidi Stamps said...

Well, sure is a good thing you are still alive! I hope you get your energy back soon, I bet the stamp convention was tiring! Did you buy a lot of stuff?

Very pretty card!

Bonnie said...

I'm glad to see you post again and sorry that you've been feeling tired. Diets can do that, but good for you losing that weight! Hope you go to swim and remembered to breathe! Love your leaves with the bold shape and soft color!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I'm glad that reports of your demise were premature 😉 I think the tiredness is your body readjusting to the new eating regime. Losing weight will make you feel better in the long all I need to do is join you!
Hugs LLJ xxx

Sarn said...


Good to see you back, even if only temporarily. Please try to keep breathing EVEN when you're tired.

GREAT card by the way. LOVE that leafy stamp and the brilliant design of the card.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Carol L said...

Whatever has been making you so tired will hopefully leave you soon. Sorry you've been feeling so exhausted, but thanks for sharing a pretty card with us again! Glad you got to go to the stamp convention and hope you continue to regain lost energy!

KT Fit Kitty said...

Yay! Congrats on your weight loss - awesome job! Glad your fatigue improved and at least today's tiredness was for a fun reason! Sounds like an awesome time! Glad to see you back, my friend! Your card is cute too!

Maxine D said...

Wonderful to see you back - yes loosing weight is exhsustapating... been there done that!! I too have been MIA thanks to a date with a surgeon and a nerve release... I am still typing with just my left hand, so you will have to read this slowly.
Love your CAS and stunning card Princess J

Fikreta said...

Hi JUdy
Im so sorry you are tired all the time.
hope you will be better soon.
hope you had fun at swiming!
lovely card

MaryH said...

Hope the tiredness is on its way outta there, and I'm so glad you had the energy to make this pretty leafy card. Hang in there! TFS & Hugs