Thursday, January 25, 2018

Just Like Falling Snow

This morning when putting on socks I suddenly noticed something tan and foreign looking on the bottom of sock. Fearing the worst, I started hopping up and down on one leg. I have this newly gimpy knee that sometimes does not wish to straighten and other times does not wish to bend. I finally crashed onto the bed saving me the embarrassment of being tossed to the ground by an unruly knee. I managed to twist my leg around so I could get a good look at what was on the bottom of my sock: HAINES embroidered in gold.

Yep, I about killed myself over a logo.

And on that note, let's talk about snow covered Christmas cards, like the one below for Merry Monday. This was made with the freebies from one of those overseas crafting magazines and some Stampin' Up ribbon. This brings my card total up to 12 because I never finished last week's card but there is still hope as the parts are on my desk. It could happen, sometime before May even.

The Fine Print: But don't hold your breath. 


Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

Just love your trio of embossed banners! Perfect with that pretty sentiment!! So glad you could join us at Merry Monday!

Maxine D said...

oops, glad the knee did not land you on the floor Princess J. I had better tame my knee before it does likewise!! A great card with the embossed banners

Sarn said...

What a pretty card PJ.

Would you please STOP trying to kill yourself over what turn out to be trivial things!


Heidi Stamps said...

I love this snowy card! The sentiment is a lot of fun.

Notes by Nina said...

Pretty card, Thank you for joining us for Merry Monday.

cotnob said...

A fabulous Christmas card Judy, such a pretty design.
You do make me giggle, I hope your knee is OK.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

Janeen said...

Well Judy, this is great. The banbers look like they have embroidered snowflakes on them

Fikreta said...

Hi Judy
I was little worried about you.
sent you email before some time but you didnt answer.
Hope everything is ok.
oh it was just logo :D
your card is so nice
love those snowflakes.

Fikreta said...


LesleyG said...

PLease be more careful with that naughty knee! Lovely card and 12 is a very good start. Happy RD xxx

Bonnie said...

This is some pretty falling snow, PJ! And I know you don't really like snow. But this kind isn't cold and doesn't have to be shoveled! BTW, glad you landed on the bed! It hurts to land on the floor.

Linda said...

So pretty. Love your lovely snowflakes. Thanks for joining us this week at Merry Monday.

Diane said...

Your sock story was too funny Judy. The other day I too started to walk in the kitchen with my socks on only to discover I had stepped on my newly made card with Nuvo Crystal drops on it and the entire card stuck to my sock. Love the holiday creation.

Hugs Diane

stampingbowd said...

I can just picture you hopping around! LOL Glad you didn't fall! What a pretty card! I love the embossed flags! The stamping on the lower portion of the card is beautiful too!

Karen D. said...

I giggled as I read your story. Glad it was just a logo. I have found masking tape, glitter, etc stuck to my socks at times.
Lovely card, nice layout too and in my fav colour.
have a great wknd.
xx Karen

Carol L said...

I know I'm late to the party, but oh my gawd, I cannot stop laughing at your sock logo story! LOL You're too funny :) That's such a pretty card with the 3 fishtail banners and colors! Hoping all is well with you these days as you haven't posted much. I hope you're taking a little "me" time and enjoying yourself :) Take care!!