Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Turning Over a New Leaf

So... let me tell you how holiday card making went in 2017.

Not well. Not well at all. I tried. I just could not get into it. Then the zero hour hit and I panicked. I had some cards made but not enough. I pulled out all the cards I could find. You know, those weird experimental cards that didn't turn out right, or the ones you tried some new technique, or the ones you made on flimsy cardstock.... yeah, those. Plus I pulled out leftover cards from kits, cards from workshops, cards I kept for inspiration, and any card that was slightly winter-y or Christmas-y.

That has left me with absolutely nothing in my Christmas card stash, not even dead pine needles. So in order to have cards (hopefully enough cards even!) I'm turning over a new leaf (or evergreen bough as the case may be) and am going to pay close attention to Merry Monday again this year.

This week brings us EMBOSSING as the prompt. Thank the heavens that they allow either heat embossing or dry embossing. I don't like heat embossing so I pulled out some embossing folders and went to town.
Not that you can even see it on this card, but there are snowflakes in the background of this card. There is one large one (with bling in the middle) and several smaller ones. This was a rather traditional but bland card so I tried again:
This one has a quirky triangle background that I really liked. I kept the rest of the card simple because... well, because I don't really know how to make non-simple cards anymore.

That's it for this week. No telling if I can make a card every week and play along because I don't have much stamping time but I'll do my best.  These 2 cards bring my total up to 10 for the year (yep, I made a few random other cards over my holiday break). We're on a roll!

The Fine Print: Yes, I know I need to work on my photography skills. I'll add that to my to-do list right after 'learn to balance on one leg.' Stamps by Stampin Up, folders by SU and Cuttlebug.


SARN said...

Well you're already doing waaaaay better than me! 10 cards made over the holidays! You were on a roll!

Love the look of these two.

I have (shhhh, whisper this) purchased some charity Christmas cards to send to some people in December this year. You know the ones . . . THOSE people who simply don't care that you took the trouble to make them a card. That means a charity benefits and it takes the pressure off to make so many! Win-win!

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Ann Greenspan's Crafts said...

Love your SU deer on these cards. I, too, have decided to make Christmas cards all year long this year. Good luck!

Fikreta said...

Happy New year to you and your family and furry friends!
THose cards are so very nice!
love them all!

Sandy said...

Good jump on your holiday cards. I ran short this year, whoops -- last year -- as well and need to make more for 2018.

Bonnie said...

Good for you PJ! I need to do the same thing. Now if I didn't have anything else to do, I could get plenty made! Love your prancing deer and how the cards are very different from each other but equally fantastic! Hope I can do as well!

Georgiana said...

Look at you! It is only the 2nd of January and you already have two done. You will have a huge stash by December at this rate. Happy New Year!

Maxine D said...

Princess J these are perfectly acceptable Christmas cards, and you are at least 12 cards 'ahead' of me in that department! But then again I do tend to mass produce just one card design later in the year... I keep promising myself that I will recycle the fronts of the cards I have received... pigs might fly too!!

Stacy Sheldon said...

Yeah, I have been there and done that song and dance with Christmas cards in the past :) so, I tend to do them off and on all year too... I can see the Snowflakes if I click on the card and enlarge it.
Happy New Years Judy.

Karen D. said...

Happy New Year!! I think you are off to a great start! lovely cards. Keep up the great work.
:) Karen

Craftychris said...

Happy New Year! Gorgeous cards and well done getting started on this years Christmas cards! I hope to start soon too! xxx

Colleen said...

Well done with using the challenge to get your Christmas cards started! You made a lovely card...actually two of them, and that is the way to go, while you have everything out and have made one, just make two or more...you will be ahead of the game come December! I applaud you for making this commitment! Thank you for joining us at Merry Monday!!

Mrs A. said...

Especially like the red card. Your doing better than me I have 3 under the belt so far and that was a struggle. Hugs Mrs A (ValeryAnne).

Barb said...

Two super cards Judy. You've started the year off well. Already building up your stash of cards for next Christmas! Barbxx