Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I haven't got time

Does anyone remember a commercial whose tagline was, "When you haven't got time for the pain?" The commercial was for some pain relieving remedy. The tag line cracked me up though. Like on occasion you're sitting around thinking to yourself: Oh hey, I have some extra time to kill. I guess I'll have some pain.
An acquaintance of mine recently asked me for my opinion about the shenanigans happening across America in the name of.... something. Racism? Revisionary history? Discrimination? Stupidity? Anyway, my answer was that I didn't have time for an opinion.

Which of course set this person off. How can I not have time or an opinion!? Well, because I'm living my life currently and it's a busy one. And also I knew voicing my opinion would then mean I'd have to hear this person's opinion and their opinion of my opinion and I didn't have time for that either.

However, since most of my readers are not from here ('Murica!) I'd like to hear what your opinion is of the situation. Even if you are from here, you can speak up.

I'll share mine and I apologize in advance if you were expecting something inflammatory. A little background first: when Trump was elected my buddy Ed said that he just knew he'd get us into a war. My thoughts on what is happening now: Hey, I'll bet Ed didn't know it was going to be a civil war.

The Fine Print: Not that anything going on in America right now is civil. And also, if you don't have an opinion but you are just sitting back munching popcorn and admiring the trainwreck, do tell. Funny thing about this card. It's from a Club Scrap kit called Hope. That seems to be in short supply right now. Gotta dash! I have some pain I need to schedule. 


Carol L said...

I seem to have plenty of time for the pain LOL It just comes with age I suppose. Fun card today, and although I could go on and on with comments about our American issues, I'm going to keep in mind what my mom told me as a child - "if you have nothing nice to say about someone, say nothing at all." Peace!

SARN said...

Well Carol L's Mum is right of course!

You mean to say Donald Trump got elected? Who knew? Yeah, that's how much news I watch/listen to/read about! LOL! What else is going on over the pond then? Oh. Wait. Actually - I don't care! I don't have time for Trump OR pain! Ignorance is bliss too!

BTW - I really love the card you're displaying today.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Fiki said...

Oh I know what you mean.
Im using pain killers to be able to do things.
Its very anoing.
Love your card. its very nice

Bonnie said...

Your card is perfect, PJ! Right now we need hope more than anything and this card is a beautiful way to give it! Scary times in our country! Like Carol, if I can't say something nice, I shouldn't say I'll stop here.

Craftychris said...

Gorgeous card with no pain at all! I really don't have the time tee hee! As for Trump etc. I will refrain from voicing my opinion as a Brit so I don't say anything nasty! If I did, it would be similar things I would say about our Brexit! Most of my words would be censored! ***####%***##%%#%%. xxx

Greta said...

I grew up with the same saying-- if you can't say something nice.... However, not sure that applies when it comes to our democracy. Of course, talking about how bad things & people are isn't going to change anything & that we surely do need! Afraid the hope I had some years ago is pretty much gone, so yes--hope is in short supply & I'm glad you posted this beautiful card from a kit called hope! You're right about that commercial--too funny!