Monday, August 28, 2017

August 28 Mail Call!

During the past week the mailman brought me the following goodies, including a prize!
Then he brought me a cat, because you always need more of those!
Then he brought me a little girl and a hummingbird all on the same day!

While this card didn't come in the mail, I thought it should count. It was a thank you card for hosting the impromptu solar viewing party.
Then I got even more in the mail!
All in all the mailman has been pretty good to me this past week. I guess we won't kill him yet. :-P


Barb said...

You got lots of happy mail. Hope you all enjoyed the solar eclipse party. We watched it on TV. In the 90s we went to France to watch an eclipse with some of hubby,s astronomy club members. Barbxx

butterfly said...

Happy accidents and then happy mail... what a nice catch up visit!
Alison x