Tuesday, August 29, 2017

An Eye for An Eye

Poppy (the cat of  'Hello Beautiful' fame) gets these gooey eyes from time to time. She has these soothing eye drops the vet gave her and I am to use them when her eyes get bad. I've never been overly impressed with the vet's eye drops as they lessen the problem, but it doesn't go away and it takes a solid two weeks for it to happen.

But this time I noticed a difference in one day. Poppy's eyes were clear and she wasn't sounding like her whole head was full of snot. I was all like, "Whoa! What happened?"  Well, what happened is I gave her people eye drops instead.
These were from when I had an eye infection in December and they have antibiotics in them. You can bet if Poppy's gooey eyes come back I'm telling her doctor to give her antibiotic drops not just soothing eye drops. BTW, I haven't been giving them to Poppy 3 times a day like I had to take them. She's been getting them once a day. I'll probably give them to her for 7 days to make sure the problem is licked. Well, not licked. If she starts licking then she has to wear the cone of shame. Let's leave licking out of the equation.
Here's a boring looking cat card. This is all on the front of the card. Hubby said the window should open to the inside of the card so you can see the cat face. Yep, that would have been cool.

The Fine Print: So yes, this means my Pirate Eye Problem goes way back to last year. Stamps, dies and punches by Stampin' Up. 


Fikreta said...

Im so glad cats eye is better.
Card is so nice!

Barb said...

So pleased to hear Poppy,s eyes are improving. I hope she,s fully well very soon. Your cat card is very cute. Barbxx

Susan Itell said...

Darn I wish we lived closer because I know that we would have a BLAST together! I am thankful that the cat is better and yep, I have been know to take some of the horses medicine....for myself!

Sometimes you've gotta do what you gotta do!

Carol L said...

Glad your eye drops helped Poppy! You should turn your hubs loose in your craft supplies - his idea for this cute card is genius! Love the cat in the window :)

Bonnie said...

I'm glad Poppy's eyes are better. Funny how she needs people eye drops. I think the kitty looking out the window looks very realistic. Her tail could be twitching though. I'll bet she's liking that kite!

butterfly said...

A happy accident for Poppy... glad to hear her eyes are clearing up. Now she can see properly when she looks out of the window!
Alison x