Monday, June 5, 2017

Magic Mail Bag Monday - June 5

It's time to share the goodies that the mailman brought my way this past week. A friend of mine suggested I call him a "postal carrier" because I don't know if my mailman is a man or not. Well, I've met him and he is a dude. I mean I didn't check in his pants or anything, but he seemed manly and frankly this gender shit has gone too far.

The Fine Print: It seems so sparse after the last couple of weeks, but I guess every day can't be my birthday (but I do get older every day!). 


Barb said...

Well whatever gender your postie the cards you received are a lovely selection. Barbxx

Bonnie said...

Your mailbox had more fun mail than mine! These are some pretty, happy cards! They really are happy mail!

Fiki said...

very nice mail!

Maxine D said...

Love your gorgeous mail Princess J - and I must admit to getting older every day too - not that I like that idea!! Glad you have met your postie and know that you are using the correct gender.... bar humbug to all the political correctness these days!