Sunday, June 7, 2015

Up, Up and Away

I picked up a kit and made exactly one card from it. And none of these are it.  
I was pleasantly surprised to find several completed tri-fold cards hidden away in that box.
That could mean I made them and forgot about them. 
Or it could mean the cats took pity on me and made them for me.
Or it could mean I've taken to crafting in my sleep.

Which do you think?

The Fine Print: The card base for these cards is this really cool shiny metallic purple which really freaked out my camera. You can kind of see it here and there on some of the corners.  Kit stuff by Club Scrap "Up, Up and Away."


KT Fit Kitty said...

How fun to find some cards you don't even remember making! Maybe the cats did make them hehe.

Bad Kitty said...

very nice

Carol L said...

I think it's a great set of uplifting cards however they got made! LOL If you've taken to crafting in your sleep, the cats probably have too :)

Janeen said...

how fun to find treasure. these are great. looks like you may have finished up another kit at the time these were made. Still haven't given in to a kit of the month anywhere yet.

SARN said...

YAY - and now you have 4 more lovely cards to send out. xxx

chrissy xx said...

Going to have to have a look round my place!
Perhaps I have some lurking somewhere..
Perhaps hubby has started to make some for you lol.. {With help from Cindy}
LOve them ALL

Greta said...

I'd like to think the cats made them for you, but probably you're crafting in your sleep--LOL! Fun to find cards ready to mail & these are lovely!