Thursday, June 4, 2015

Gone Quackers

We actually have rain in forecast for tomorrow according to the clouds and lightning bolt icon on my weather predicting machine.  That's kind of interesting.... and completely off season.
I still haven't bought myself any wellies* which is a shame because when it rains for real the rain hits the ground and bounces back up and you get soaked from the knees down.  Not that it is really going to rain tomorrow (she says as a flash flood carries her away).

The Fine Print: *Go Britain! Wellies is such a better name for rain boots than rubbers, which sound like I need some ribbed-for-her-pleasure Trojans. Seattle Girl and Row of Ducks stamps by A Muse Artstamps, oval dies by Spellbinders, designer paper from my stash, and yellow twine from A Muse Studio (it's baker's twine that I pulled apart to get only the colored strands.


Bad Kitty said...


Carol L said...

What a perfect card for the predicted weather heading your way! I love your "American" description of "wellies" too! You're too funny, thx for the chuckle ;)

jimlynn said...

No rain here this week but we sure could have use the wellies lately! Cute, cute card and love those duckys.

LesleyG said...

We are forecast similar storms today, so need our willies too........ha ha predictive text that is so funny, after your fine print, of course that should read wEllies lol! I think we have lots of funny words. Great card! Xxx

SARN said...

I love the little glitches in word meanings between the UK and USA . . . pants mean something completely different over here! AND it's only very recently that I discovered what you meant by 1st, 2nd and 3rd base . . . and I'm nearly 50! Thanks GOOGLE!!!!

Oh, and cute card by the way! I like her yellow wellies! xxx

Leslie Hanna said...

That girl and the ducks are perfect together, especially for you "dry climate" people whose terra firma CAN'T HANDLE the wet from the sky!

And we here in the Midwest call them boots.

chrissy xx said...

Your speaking my language here today lol..
Wellies are what we wear in the UK.. and to have some to match your umbrella is FAbulous! LOving your design and sweet little ducks too.

Greta said...

Oh Judy--I just adore this darling card! Guess the flash flood didn't carry you away as I see I've got a lot to catch up on!