Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy Mail Day

Since I haven't made anything new lately so share with everybody, I thought I'd share some cards I got in the mail instead. 
This is one of those cards in a box that are all the rage these days.  This came from my friend Sue. I told her she was brilliant for using paper flowers because I never would have thought of something that obvious myself.
My friend Helen wanted to show off her latest die purchase and made this card for me.  I used to make cards like this back in the day when you had to measure it yourself and cut it with an Exacto knife right after you walked home from school uphill in the snow with only bread wrappers for shoes.
Yeah, die cuts are soooo much easier.  And there is less chance you'll lose a finger.  That was my happy mail day!  I suppose next up will be a pile of bills because karma's a bitch and after two great cards in one day I'm doomed to get something icky.

The Fine Print: I know the top card stamp is by Penny Black, but I got nothing for anything else.  I can tell you that my friend Helen uses that butterfly and flower stamp once or twice a month and I'm always impressed with all the different things she does with it.  She puts the rest of us to shame, you know those of us who only use a stamp once or twice period. 


butterfly said...

Lovely happy mail - thanks for sharing - hope the bills stay away a bit longer!
Alison x

Di said...

Super Happy Mail cards PJ and how I giggled about those who use a stamp only once or twice - I hold my hands up as being very guilty!

Hugs, Di xx

Carol L said...

How fortunate you are to receive two pretty cards like this in the mail! They're both so pretty, and I'm still laughing over the breadwrappers! Bwahahaha!!

Darnell J Knauss said...

Look at that love you found in your mail! Thank you for sharing! You have very talented friends, PJ! Hugs, Darnell

Irish Cherokee said...

BOY are YOU lucky. All I get are bills which amount to hate mail. By the way you at least had the bread wrappers. LOL. Love it.

MaryH said...

Some lovely cards from your pals. These folds & techniques intimidate the bejeebers outta me. I have a die for the swing fold (or whatcha callit), still not made one. And those box nifty & pretty, and your 2 are just beautiful. Lucky you to have such talented pals and generous too. Yeah I remember walking up hill in the snow, but I bet you are too young for all that!!! I never did use the exacto knife & measuring though. Too daggoned lazy for that deal. TFS & Hugs