Friday, July 6, 2018

Surf or Die

Hi! My name is Dio and you might remembers me from previous blogging posts. Well, I'm here to tell you that my moms has been rilly rilly bizzie doing stoopid stuff, like not petting me! Can you beeleeve that wood happen?!

Well, sumtimez my moms goes to werk. You know what they are doing at her werk lately? They gibe you a cardboard box and tell you to go home.


Can you beeleeve that? Your very own cardboard box!!!! And you git to go home!!! How nice is that?!!

Sumhowz my moms doezn't think that is very nice. She sayz she has werked there for a bazillion years, like moor than I am old, but I'm not berry old, and she has sum cardboard boxes of her own at home already.

Anywayz, it is summers time now and that means you should go surfing! Surf or die! Surf or die! Here's a kitty cat and he is surfing.
Here's my moms and dads. They are dying.
The Fine Prints: kitty stamp by Pennys Black, weird exercise called Glide Fit and it makes you rilly rilly seesicks. Luv ya! -Dio


Sandy said...

Oh no, Judy, does Dio mean what I think he means? I'm so sorry. That sucks.

stampingbowd said...

Dio!!! I do remember you!!! Oh, wow, that is just terrible about the cardboard box and home! That's just not right! Hoping for the best for your mom. I just love that surfing kitty! Too cute!!! The photo of mom and dad surfing and dying is stunning! Umm....I had a viral infection about 6 years ago and it's left me with a permanent inner ear imbalance, so this is definitely not the exercise for me. I get seasick just walking across my floor sometimes! Hugs!!!

Bonnie said...

Sounds like you have a lot of bad stuff happening there. I'm sorry to hear that. Hopefully you can put some stamp stuff in that cardboard box and have some fun!

Love the surfin' kitty! Not so sure I'd like that exercise in a pool. I'd rather swim or just sit in the water. xoxo

ionabunny said...

Hi Judy. Sorry to hear about the cardboard box, but I bet Dio hopes you empty it soon so he can get in it. Take care. Hugz

LesleyG said...

Ugh so sad they are sending you packing, whatever are they thinking! Every cloud though, you are meant for better things. Missed you, good to have you back xxx

KT Fit Kitty said...

Oh, no, Dio, am I reading this right? The cardboard box stinks. Hoping there's a bright side to this story for your Mom! I do think she's having fun on the surf board thingie even though it looks like she's dying! Cuuuuuuute kitty card! Please keep us updated on your Mom, Dio! We miss her!

Maxine D said...

Oh Dio - what a bearer of bad news .... I thought they sent the cardboard box home with your Mum as a gift for you :-(... Give your Mum and snuggle and purr from me, and please tell them not to drown - that looks exercise looks dangerous.
I love your kitty card... but I suggest you don't try it yourself it you don't like water.

Sarn said...

Oh dear Dio . . . sounds like your Mom will have more time to pet you until she gets to take the stuff inside the cardboard box to a new work place.

Please wish her the best of luck. Don't think she was that happy there anyway! On to pastures new.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

PS: Cute card.
PPS: EXERCISE? What's that then!???? LOL!

Fikreta said...

Oh no,Im so sorry to hear about box...
that kitty surfing is so cute.
Looks like your mom and dad have lots of fun.
lots of love and hugs

Carol L said...

Mom will share her cardboard box with you Dio, don't worry! Tell Mom I'd be seasick too if I had to balance on one of those gliders, but her card is a real cutie and I'm glad to see a post from her again.....with your help of course :) Good kitty!

Darnell said...

Thanks for the update, Dio! I was wondering. That's the story of life, right? At work they give you a cardboard box when your days are done and in life the same damn thing happens at the end. Sounds like a book title to me. You know how someone made a bazillion dollars writing something about the six things they learned in kindergarten? Tell Mom she could write: "In the end, all that matters is the thickness of the cardboard." No, yes, I can see you're right, that is too long. Well, you can help her with it. In the meantime, enjoy the purrs until mom finds a place where she is finally appreciated or until she just chucks the whole thing and stays home and makes cards. Or rides on a big fat padded surfboard in the pool. If I were on that thing, I'd look as nervous as she does, trust me! Until the next update, take care and stay dry!! Hugs, Darnell

Janeen said...

Aggggh. The worst part is it comes out of the blue! So sorry to hear this. It made a good card and sometimes things are better in the end.hugs