Monday, February 13, 2017

Better than Wishes--Oxygen

I'm like deliriously perky today. I've been telling all my friends, family, and colleagues that it is the steroids. Finally a coworker suggested that it was the OXYGEN that I am finally getting into my body thanks to the steroids.

You know, she might be onto something! You know, that oxygen stuff is pretty good. You should try some. As an asthmatic, I don't usually fuss with that stuff but if it makes you feel like this I' just might have to have some every day!
The Fine Print: Rose die, greeting, and jewels by Stampin' Up. Cardstock from my stash. I'm so deliriously happy that I don't even care that one of my fake teeth fell out and there's a mouse in my office. It's all good! Oxygen, it's the bomb! Either that or I'm cranking a really high fever. Those make me feel on top of the world too. 


Craftychris said...

Love that gorgeous red rose - fabulous card! I am deliriously happy that you are deliriously happy - and that's without the aid of oxygen! xxx

SARN said...

What a cool CAS card.
SOOOO glad you're deliriously happy - whatever its cause.

But . . . eek . . . a MOUSE in the office? And a fake teeth fall out? Sounds like a lot to deal with . . . but hey . . .you have OXYGEN . . . you can cope!


Barb said...

A lovely CAS card Judy . Glad to hear you're feeling so much better today. Barbxx

MaryH said...

Beautiful rose and great work on the inlay technique too. Boy I think I need some of that oxygen! Sounds like it has enervated you marvelously....keep it up! TFS & Hugs

Janeen said...

i'm with you on the oxygen. that deep red rose is a good source of oxygen. notice how they always smell like fresh air.

Carol L said...

If all the oxygen prompted you to create this pretty card, then gimme some too please! LOL This is just stunning!!

LesleyG said...

Wow that must be good quality oxygen, and you can't have too much of that! Glad you are perky enough to cope with rodents and teeth and all. Take it easy though xxx

Maxine D said...

Yes, oxygen has some major benefits Princess J :-)!! As a fellow asthmatic i can understand -= and the steroids are pretty awesome too ;-). Love your dramatic card - the red and black is stunning together.

Heidi Stamps said...

Lovely card!

I am a big fan of oxygen myself!

Happy Valentine's day!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Wow, Judy that really caught my eye that CA rose card, I love it.. love it all.
I'm thinking I might need to hunt out a CCD like that s have seen it... on eBay somewhere.

Re Cortisone, yes it gives you a high, it also makes you hungrier and put on weight, and if taken late in day can cause sleeplessness, ie insomnia.
I know, been on it since teens ... so it's not all good, but so know what you mean!!!
Thanks for sharing your inspiration!
Shaz in Oz.x

{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Cobnut Crafter said...

Lovely card - and as for oxygen, couldn't do without it!
Anne x

KT Fit Kitty said...

Good for you for getting some oxygen! What a difference it makes! Your card is gorgeous and I love how you inlaid the rose!

Fiki said...

ver nice card!

Greta said...

Oh what a beauty! I know my roses won't bloom for months, so it's nice to see this one!

butterfly said...

Oxygen and roses - an embarrassment of riches. I'm on catch up so I'm not sure what the steroids are for, but the side effects sound useful.
Alison x