Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Work Closet Wednesday

Hello! It's Workdesk Wednesday today where we share our work desks, but that's not where the real work lies for me, In the spirit of game though here is my desk where I've done some playing recently.
The real job lies behind the desk and into the closet, which you can see has become a dumping ground for all sorts of things. See that paper holder on top of the carts? Well, it is so heavy and putting so much weight on the carts that I can no longer open the bottom drawers.  Yeah... that's not going to work for me.
Hubby has kindly brought in my plastic paper holder from the storage room in hopes that switching out to that will help remedy the situation. The wood paper holder alone weighs a lot more than the plastic one. The plastic one holds less which means less weight will be in it as well.  I'm considering getting a file cabinet for the paper, but for now I'm working with what I have on hand.
For those of you here to see cards, here is a birthday card I made for me friend. It turns out that her birthday is mid-July not mid-June so I can procrastinate on mailing it for awhile.
The Fine Print: Card parts all by Stampin' Up. 


Robyn said...

Hi neighbor- you desk is so tidy it mades me nervous! LOL!
robyn 48

Sharon Madson said...

Great stash! :) Thanks for the earlier visit and for the word SABLE. Love it!
Not only do we keep buying stash , we also keep buying things to put it in and to organize it! LOL Lovely card and kitty! #6

Stacy Sheldon said...

the file cabinets I have I found at yard sales for a song.. so, hopefully this less weight & paper thing will work for you until you can find something that can take the weight. the card is pretty cute Judy :) (~Stacy no number I can't make the linking work)

Lisca Meijer said...

Paper is so heavy and it is always a problem where to store it so that you can get at it easily.
Your card is beautiful! Well done you!
Happy WOYWW,

April Story said...

It always feels good to use stuff you have. Even better to get new goodies. LOL. Good luck with your paper storage. Looks like you have a plan. Cute card.
April #34

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Oh, I like that sentiment! I adore baking but can't eat too much cake at the moment, as I'm trying to lose weight...:-(
I reckon that more shelves are the answer to your predicament...take over the world! Mwahahahahahahaha
Hugs, LLJ xxxx

Angela Radford said...

Hi Judy, I don't know how you manage to keep everything so tidy but I like it. Thanks for the visit to mine, have a lovely woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 26

Sheila H said...

I like the sentiment on the card. It's true...all parties need cake!
Sheila #49

Claire Grantham said...

Hey Judy, thanks for swinging by. I love that you are a paper fiend too. How about building a shelf for the paper holder, then it won't rest on the plastic drawers? I have a cart that I use for my paper and I have had a paper amnesty (aka no purchasing of paper) for 2years. I have of course acquired new paper that people have gifted me or has come in kits, but I have not bought a piece for myself..its torture LOL. Cx #19

Sharon Koole said...

Your desk looks great - so well organised. I hang my head in shame. Lucky most of it is on the floor and not the desk so people can't see lol. Love the card. At least you got it done in plenty of time! Now to post it in time.

Sharon K #4

AJ Bodine said...

Cute birthday card! Just don't procrastinate anyhow and send in mid-August..that's something I would do! haha. I hope you get your paper storage worked out..I face issues like that in my room too.

Kristie W. said...

Super cute birthday card! Always better to be ready early, even if by accident LOL!

LesleyG said...

Tidy desk?! Nice card albeit a tad early....don't cats always have to check it out when somethings moved? Xx

Claire Grantham said...

Judy, thanks for popping back, I laughed at your comment. My hubby is THE most unhandy man in the I generally a) diy myself or b) pay a handier man to do the job. LOL. Have a great week. Cx

Maxine D said...

What a dilemma Princess J - more paper than space and storage.... Love the pussy checking out the new facility.
I agree with the sentiment on your card!

BJ said...

The sentiment on your card made me smile. I made 23 crowns with the children today, I'm wrecked!! Thanks for visiting BJ#23

RosA said...

Lovely tidy desk! How do you do it? Storage is a constant dilemma, is it not?
Hope the prowling kitty found what he was after :)
RosA # 39

Tertia said...

That desk!!!! LOVE it! I have wanted a roll top desk since I was a child. I always imagine that fairies might visit if you have one of those.
Happy belated WOYWW!
Tertia #46

Scrapbook Lynne Mizera said...

LOVE your desk, but I agree with Robyn... it's so neat it makes me kind of nervous...Grin. I would love to see your new storage solution once you have it all in place. Happy WOYWW Scrapbook Lynne #45

Diane Futrell said...

Great space. Love your paper holders. Cute and curious kitty.
Have a great day.
Diane - WOYWW #2

Kelly said...

Hi there! Just popping by for a quick peek. I've had the issue with the plastic drawer units as well. I've determined I just have too much stuff for them unless they sit under an actual counter where the weight doesn't bare down on them. Good Luck! Creative Blessings! Kelly #37