Wednesday, May 25, 2016

WOYWW-With a Question

So....Here I am late to the Workdesk Wednesday party (hosted by LLJ). In fact, it is probably already tomorrow but you know, we'll just go with the flow. Here is my desk with a few odds and ends on it. The left side has cards I made and cards I received while the middle and the right sides have things I plan to work on when that mythical "Someday" gets here.
The project I worked on recently was organizing my ribbon. You can see here it is housed in nicely labeled boxes (plain ribbons) or on my wall shelf (patterned ribbons and large rolls of twine). These locations are the same places my ribbons were before but there was no rhyme or reason to what was where. Now things can be easily found.

Here is a bright and cheery card I received from a friend. It is one of those fun fold ones made with dies (and not with craft knives like in the olden day). That bright strip is glittery washi tape. It drove the camera crazy as you can see.

Here is my question for all you WOYWWers and readers. I have a friend who wants to teach a class for free. She is asking people to bring every single thing you need for the class from your basic kit of tools to the embellishments to the cardstock. I told her that didn't sound like much of a class to me. However, since then I've seen a couple of other folks offering classes where people have to bring basically everything. Is that the wave of the future? Would you take such a class? It sounds more like a crop with a focused project to me, but it could be that I'm behind the times.

The Fine Print: I really got nothing for here today except to say I have too much ribbon (and not enough time).


My name is Cindy said...

No, you are OK, we still have an hour or so of 'today' left. Glad to see you, I have been sadly lacking in the whole blog/blog participation lately. Partly IT (drives me crazy nothing talks to each other anymore without a battle - I probably need some kind of upgrade) and also now I have left work I have got involved in trying to get my card and craft workshop (!) business off the ground. It's slow. With regard to your friend, I guess it is a class if she is 'leading' it but if everyone is bringing their own stuff it must be a nightmare. I have only done a few so far but have already discovered that if you give them too much choice they take forever to get on with it!! I guess if she isn't charging it's only fair to ask people to bring their own stuff but not sure I would go. Like the card - can't imagine cutting that with a craft knife. C*** - just heard the front door go, that's hubby back from the pub and the bed is still covered in craft stuff. Gotta go!! Happy Anniversary!! Cindy #48 xx

Angela Radford said...

Hi Judy, classes I have been too or run often ask you to bring basic equipment, scissors, brushes, embossing tools , that sort of thing but if you are teaching a particular technique you have to make sure you have the right materials and equipment or it just wont work unless you have some sort of general theme in mid which allows everyone to use whatever they have available. It would be interesting to know what your friend has in mind for the day. Thanks for the visit to mine and wishing you a happy 7th woyww anniversary, Angela x 30

Stacy Sheldon said...

When I taught at a scrap store I had to provide each person with the same bag of goodies of things to make what they were being taught. ( so, if they were card classes or tag classes the pieces of papers were all cut to the same thing as the samples I had made that were hanging up in the store before hand) (but, people paid for this) So? I dunno if that makes it a "class" if its free, sounds more like a crop? or a playdate ( bring your stuff, and your gossip?) :) Love how organized the shelves look Judy, ~Stacy #59

Bad Kitty said...

I never participate in such classes.
your desk is so organized.
my is so messy :D
very nice card you recive.

StampinCarol said...

I have taught classes both ways. If the students have the supply list far enough ahead then the class shouldn't have a big charge. I have also had "kits" where they used my stamps, inks, etc. and they had to assemble, a larger charge. Both worked fine. Anyway, I like the fun fold card! Good to "see" you again! Happy 7th Anniversary WOYWW!
Carol N #4 (Yeah, I got in at about 9:30 our time last night)

Scrapbook Lynne Mizera said...

Hello Princess Judy... I think I may have mentioned before (like, last year...grin) How much I LOVE your roll top desk as a craft space... swoon. Since I last visited I have an entire brand new studio space bigger than my first apartment... Grin... so do pop on over for a peek. Happy 7th WOYWW Anniversary! Scrapbook Lynne Mizera WOYWW #58

Scrapbook Lynne Mizera said...

Ooops, I forgot to ring in on your question... that's a hard one. I Guess I have to say that it would have to be something that I REALLY wanted to do or to learn for me to bring all my own product for a class. But that being said every card or scrapbooking page class I have seen over the past two years was using products that I already owned, so it would not be hard to bring my own stuff, and then I wouldn't end up with a bunch of product I really do not need, and probably not to my taste. But if a class requiring payment advertised a list of product I needed to bring I would not take it. I did that once 5 years ago for a BIG NAME Instructor and not only did the class cost me $200 over the price, but we did not use even half of the products I had to purchase... Total EPIC FAIL! That's my wee rant for the week ... Grin

Sharon Koole said...

If it's a free class I wouldn't mind bringing my own stuff. If I was paying for the class I would hope some basics would be on hand. You'll have to let us know how it turns out. That card is great. I love the colours and the style of the card.

Happy WOYWW anniversary
Sharon K #43

Georgiana said...

Doesn't sound like a class I would want to take. I could stay home and watch a video and I wouldn't have to pack up all my stuff. If there was a new technique that I just had to "see" I might be tempted if it didn't cost too much.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Happy 7th Anniversary, Lovely Gal!! It's tomorrow now, here in UK blog land. Sorry I didn't get to you yesterday, I just ran out of day :-)
I'm loving your storage units...think I have Shelf Envy! - everything's laid out so neatly and beautifully, it's very appealing to someone with minor OCD like me!!
I don't know whether your frined's idea of a class will work or not - it seems to me that whichever way you approach a class like that, you'll appeal to some and not to in other words, stick to her guns and what she feels happy about leading, then go for it!
Hugs, LLJ xxxx

Maxine D said...

Princess J your desk always looks immaculate... unlike mine ;-).
The classes I take, I do charge, provide the kits, but clients bring their own basics. I encourage the clients to put their own touch to their cards, either with their own colouring medium, if that is not part of the 'teaching', or altering the layout, etc etc. They are getting braver now and I am seeing more of their own touches on the cards.

BJ said...

Oh loads of lovely ribbons and twines, yummy, hope they are out of cat reach! Not sure about the class though and wondering, if you have to bring all your stuff what would be "new" about the class? Let us know how she gets on.
Thanks for visiting me and Happy WOYWW 7th anniversary BJ#20

Twiglet said...

I am determined to get round all the desks in celebration of the fun we have with all our mad WOYWW friends so here I am! I guess classes are an individual thing - each to their own but from my point of view I like a class to be well resourced and organised. It matters a lot if it's a new technique or art form - otherwise you might not have the bit of equipment or resource needed. Happy 7th WOYWW anniversary - here's to many more! x Jo #19

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Judy, lovely card. I agree, cameras do not like glittery surfaces, the pictures always have a blurred look. On the subject of the class, I agree that if everyone is taking all their own stuff, to do their own thing, then that is more like a crop than a class. I think something needs to be being taught for it to be called a class. So if for instance, she is teaching them how to make shaker card, and has told them all the things they will need to do that, that's a class. However, if she has just told them to bring whatever projects they want to work on, that's a crop. Hope my opinion helps a bit, lol. Happy 7th, and have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #8 xxx

Diane Futrell said...

Great job organizing! Cute card!
Happy anniversary!!
Have a great day.
Diane - WOYWW #2

RosA said...

Hi Judy,
Good organising. I too have more ribbon than anyone could possibly ever want ... or use, sigh!
I have been to (expensive) classes where everything was provided. One where you used everything from the "kit" and another where we had lots of (very nice) leftovers. So that was ok! But taking all your stuff to "a free class" wouldn't really interest me. After all, I've got a lot of stuff:) Easier to look up a technique on youtube, I reckon. Your friend's class sounds more like a crafty get-together. Which is fine, of course.
Happy 7th Woyww Anniversary!
RosA # 29

Neet said...

I am in a craft club and we take it in turns (some of us) to teach each month. For that we have a basic class list but then add to it what is needed for that particular class. I think it unfair to expect a free class where the tutors own stash is used, unless it is some things she wants to share/get rid of. We don't seem to have a problem and everyone shares if someone does not have something anyhow.
Love your ribbons - you know I seldom remember to include ribbons in my cards. Shame on me.
Hugs, Neet 28 xx
ps we still call it a class or workshop

Kathyk said...

Fab desk and pix.

As to the question of classes .... I would happily attend a class where I was required to take a basic kit like scissors, ruler, paper trimmer, craft mat etc but if I had to take specific papers/glues/stamps - then NO, THAT'S part of the reason one attends a class, to get together with like minded crafters, learn something new and play with kit you don't own but might want to ... isn't it?



Kathyk said...

Just read Neets comment .... my own comment applies to classes for which a fee is paid and not for a free class, I entirely agree with Neet that the tutor shouldn't be out of pocket.


Shoshi said...

PJ, your creative space is sooo oganised and lovely! It looks great. Mine is such a tip at the moment!! One day I will get it tidied, but we've had such a busy time lately. Interesting question about the class. I've never really known what a "crop" was but from what other people have commented, I am getting a better idea! It sounds like what we would call a "workshop" where you do your own thing, rather than a class where someone teaches you. I think it would be hard for a teacher to take along all the equipment for everyone to use but perhaps in a class, they might provide the materials? I would ve happy to take along whatever was necessary to a class, as long as I had a list in advance. This is what we used to do for "day schools" with the embroidery group I used to belong to, as opposed to "workshops" when we just took along the work we were doing at the time, to work on in the company of te others in the group where there was plenty of opportunity for sharing and mutual inspiration.

Thank you for your lovely comment and you've ceetainly got the moral high ground over me as far as tidiness of one's studio is concerned lol! Thank you for your anniversary wishes and we had a lovely day. I'm so glad you like our flower boxes, and I was very pleased with the result in the end.

Sorry to be so long replying but it's been a very busy time lately and I've also got very tired in between and had to rest a lot. I am quite behind with everyhing on the computer at the moment.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #49