Friday, October 24, 2014

How R U?!

Sometimes in life potentially racist and non-politically correct things happen.  Like this card and the stamp set it comes from.
I thought it was a nifty enough stamp set, sort of edgy and definitely different.  It fit in with the other few Santa Fe, New Mexico inspired stamps that A Muse put out.  I vaguely wondered if anyone would take offense to it but didn't really think it an issue.

That is until some of my fellow consultants started talking about how this set would would make great Thanksgiving cards.  I thought that was crossing a line.  I asked a card making workshop group what they thought and many felt like me that the set was okay but not for Thanksgiving and a couple of ladies thought it was outright racist and/or politically wrong.

All that happened before I owned the set. Now that I happen to have it, of course I had to make a card and send it to the biggest naysayer in the above group.  She knows I did it to put a smile on her face.  And yes, it really does say "R U?" on the inside.

The Fine Print: Full disclosure here--my grandmother is from the Stockbridge-Muncee tribe and the school I work at has the Aztec for a mascot. Only once in awhile does someone get their panties in a wad about it (the mascot, not my grandmother).  Stamps and supplies from A Muse Studio's fall/winter supplement.  Stamps--Home Sweet Home and To the Point; Cardsotck--Violeta and squash; inks--violeta, habenero, hibiscus and Memento black; Other products-tall letter dies and Fiest patterned paper pack.


chrissy xx said...

How R U 2?
Me? I'm fine thank you PJ x
LOve your colours and design.
Happy to read your small print x

Janeen said...

I'm fine, U? love the blanket feel of the arrows you so precisely lined up.

Bonnie said...

I think this is fun and shouldn't be a problem for anyone!

Leslie Hanna said...

I, too, think it's a fun set. And didn't the Pilgrims share with the Native Americans for their feast? What next? Will we ban feathers? People need to stop being offended over everything. /rant