Monday, May 5, 2014

Make Believe Monday

Today we are going to Make Believe that it is really Make Up Monday and that it isn't at all odd that I haven't blogged for the past two days.

We are also going to Make Believe that I was doing something fabulous, fun, and exciting and that is why I neglected my blogging duties. You can also Make Believe that you are insanely jealous if you'd like.

We should also Make Believe that this is an exciting blog post, filled with factual but entertaining knowledge that has left us both enlightened and educated.

Or not.  We could just admit that it's just another Monday.

The Fine Print: I daresay this is the last of the Peacock cards from Club Scrap.  I'm pleased that this version of Firefox was willing to Make Believe that it was friends with Blogger.  Usually I use Internet Exploder for blogging but I hear that IE has cooties now.


Squirrel x said...

I hope this isn't the last of the peacock cards, am loving these! XX

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Princess Judy,

The peacock cards are great! I know what you mean about being another Monday..... and holy moly, if I managed to only skip two days of blogging I'd be tickled pink!

IE does have cooties, or so I've been told. I use Chrome at home and Modzilla Firefox at work (ahem, where I am currently).


chrissy xx said...

Well I managed to skip three days! I've been away to a place called York to see a show..arriving back this afternoon. My make believe would be to still be there lol..
I LOve your cards and I Love your colours...GORgeous.

Leslie Hanna said...

Purty feathers!

And I haven't touched IE for a decade. Intensely dislike it. I'm a Chrome girl, but am forced to use FF for blog commenting since Chrome isn't smart enough to "remember" me and after I log in. And yes, Google owns Chrome, so go figure. #dumb

Janeen said...

no IE for me. i use Chrome. I will make believe i am well! your cards in all their prettiness help to make me that way and that ain' make believe.

Irish Cherokee said...

I spent some time around peacocks. They are very noisy critters but those tail plumes are extraordinary when they display them. Wonderful cards Judy and that ain't no make believe.

Carol L said...

I can hardly wait to breeze through the pretty cards to read the fine print on your posts! IE has cooties now? LOL You're too much fun Judy :)

MaryH said...

The peacock cards were great. So was the exciting post, and I was making believe like crazy, right along with you. I like your style! Nice to end my afternoon with a smile and to enjoy some pretty cards. Speaking of which, I'm scrolling down to enjoy some more that I've missed. Hope today's Monday was a nice one for you. TFS & Hugs (oops, did I miss something about Cooties? Back to double check the fine print).

Angie said...

Glad you are safely using Firefox!!!! Scary about IE! LOVE your collection of Peacock feather cards! If you weren't doing something Fabulously Fun, I hope you were doing something restful!!!! Hugs!

Jessi Fogan said...

I enjoy Make Believe myself...I shall have to remember to do that if today turns out as blech as the last two days! I love all these peacock inspired beauties!
And ewwwww on IE. It stopped being friends with Google for me a long while ago, so I went with Chrome to make sure they were friends.

Cherie said...

Great job with all of those peacock feathers. I've never even seen any paper like that. So pretty!