Monday, May 12, 2014

Birfday Mundays

Hi! My name wood be Dio! My mom axed me to do this post cuz she letted Wendy blow in her ear and it gived her a badness earache.  I don't fink it was the Wendy who is my girlfriend cuz my mom isn't mean like that.
My mom wood come and blow in my ear and say that woz from Wendy; you know she woodn't keep it to herselfs, she wood pass it on. Or maybe she keeped it so I woodn't git a earache.  Well, den that's nice of my mom.  I don't wants a earache cuz then the doctor puts medicines in your ear and then swabs.  I don't wike swabs in my ears. I wike to carry dem in my mouf though!
Anyway, we got more birfday cards to show off.  I might have to have one of these birfday fings so I can get cards too.  Mebbed people wood send me monies too and I kin buy fings from Ma'amazon.  Dey have good fings.
I wood buy crunchie cat foods and cat foods in a can and new jingle balls cuz all my old jingle balls got broked.  And treats! I bet treats come from Ma'amazon too!
And mebbe I would even get a new mouses that hasn't losted his tail yet.  All my mouses git their tails losed.
I wood get my mom some swabs for her ears and a new tinsell ball for my baby brudder. And my dad could have moovees!  He wikes moovees and I wike dem too unwess their is scaredy parts.
I fink I wood like chick flix! Cuz I like chicks. Thems wike birds and I wike birds. I could eat dem if they wood just letted me.
My sister Poppy sez you have to ask mom to put the bird in saw-tay and den in the cooking machine. You shood not eat raw birds becuz you could git A B C D Ecoli which isn't wike cocoa coli which has budtles that tickle yer nose.
The Fine Paw Prints: Mom says my brofver and me got 'dopted in the fall so dat means we gots a birfday in early Septembers.  Mom says I gots to share my birfday with my brofver. I always gots to share. If I git a badness earache like my mom I'll share wif him!


Irish Cherokee said...

The cat did such a great job I almost forgot to comment. Nice cards PJ. Hope you feel better soon.

Double Blessings

Squirrel x said...

I sez to me mum dat I am sorwy dat Aunt Joody is poorly ick wif der bad ears, an I sez I hops she bedder very quix. Nuffin wors dan bein swabbed in der ear'ole. Hugs Vince xxx PS. Acktooly, der is wors....

Sue said...

Wow gorgeous cards PJ!!! hope your ears are better soon ouchies:( lots of huggles Sue xxx

Carol L said...

Dio is one amazing cat to post all these cards for you! They're all great, especially the last folded one! Get well soon, because there's nothing worse than an earache!

Mrs A. said...

Dear Dio,
I hope you are giving your Mom lots of kisses and cuddles. Tell her to lean up against a nice warm furry blanket or two!!
Hugs Mrs A.

Sally H said...

Dio, I think you are as super talented as your Mom, being able to type like that! Give her a big cuddle and tell her her cards are all gorgeous, just like you!

Jessi Fogan said...

Swabs are delicious - I understand wanting to carry them around :) The dogs at my house especially like the swabs from the cats' ears :)

Joyce said...

Fab collection of cards. Someone has been a busy kitty.

butterfly said...

Well, I think there's a lesson there for everybody about the dangers of ear-blowing. But with so many cards to admire, I've forgotten what it was.
Alison xx