Thursday, September 29, 2011

PSA for Crafty People

Let me start off today with a Public Service Announcement (PSA).  I am giving you the chance to learn from my mistakes.  I own a Tonic paper cutter, which I love and it looks thusly:

You lift up the handle of the trimmer and slide your paper in underneath that plastic guide to the desired size and chop away.  The plastic guide has finger holds for you to press down and keep your paper in place while cutting so it doesn’t slide around and result in a crooked cut.  I admit that I have been lax in holding down the plastic guide lately and wind up with uneven cuts.  Since I was cutting up paper for a make and take I thought I should put the extra effort in to make nice straight cuts.  So I slid my cardstock in, put a firm multi-fingered grip on the plastic guide and WHAM!  Slammed the cutting blade down on my finger.

Ow!     Ow!   OW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As any good paper crafter would do, I first looked at the paper on my table to see how badly I had bled all over it and then I looked at my finger.  No blood.  I was lucky enough to have hit my nail bed first, which apparently needs more than a Tonic paper cutter to cut open.  I got lucky in that I didn’t have to take a trip to ER and get any stitches.  I did pinch the heck out of my fingertip over that though.

The PSA is this:  Please keep your fingers and toes inside the ride at all times!

That said I don’t have much in the way of stamping goodness to share with you today.  I thought I’d share my original attempts at my tree from yesterday’s blue and brown card.
Both these were stamped with Momento Rich Cocoa ink, once on white paper and once on blue.  I thought it was interesting how both look so different.  The color really washes out on the blue paper.  That right there is a good reason to own different kinds of inks (as if you needed an excuse).  You can compare these to card in yesterday’s post and see how the Walnut Stain ink was definitely the way to go.

The Fine Print: Swiped that photo of the Tonic Cutter right from Google images, neener, neener, neener.

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