Sunday, June 2, 2013

What I Love About My Husband

Me: I am going to eat the left over fajitas.

Him: You can have whatever you want.

Me: Damn right, I can!
I love a man who knows what's what!

The Fine Print: All the card stuffs by Club Scrap "Peacock" kit.  I hope you like peacocks because I made over a dozen cards with this kit this weekend.  I mean,sure maybe you came to my blog looking for ideas using the latest Spotlight A Muse Studio sets, but sorry, all you get are peacocks.  A whole flock of them coming up!  Oh.  Okay, maybe a small taste of A Muse tomorrow but that's my limit.


Krisha said...

Beautiful card, love the sentiment!

butterfly said...

Love the peacock feathers... share as many as you like (but don't share the fajitas!!).
Alison x