Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Don't Mind the Ghost-He's Hardcore

Something makes a noise in my boss' office from time to time.  I can't call it a rattle or a creak.  It definitely isn't a moan or a sigh.  What is sounds like, and probably is, is the sound of the metal struts around his floor-to-ceiling windows expanding or contacting as the temperature changes.  It is sort of a pop clunk sound. Often we get the added bonus of his faux wood built-ins settling right afterward.  Whatever it is it is enough to make it sound like someone is in there when no one is.

That sound likes to mess with people.  How it goes down is someone will come to my desk and ask if my boss is in.  Right after I say, "No" the noise will happen and the person at my desk gives me this look that says, "Nice try, I can hear him in there."
I've tried to explain that it is just a noise but no one believes me so now I just shrug and nod my head in his office's direction.  The person will give me that knowing smile and walk into his office.  They always stop short and say, "but there is no one in there!"  To which I reply, "That's what I said." 

Sometimes I make a joke about the ghost of troubled students. However, maybe I should watch what I say because the other day the usual scenario went down:

"Is your boss in?"
Clunk. Pop. Seeettttle.
The you've-been-busted look.
Smile, nod.
"There's no one in there!"
"Just the ghost.  He's hardcore."
The person gave me a very spooked look and hightailed it right out of here.

Oops.  I guess I'll be on the lookout for the powers that be sending by a priest and some smudge pots or perhaps a telepath and some incense, or maybe even a whole ghost hunting crew, budget permitting.

The Fine Print:  I'm kind of bummed that our office isn't really haunted, but my previous office was in a haunted building and that was kind of fun, except a few times when people got spooked.  I hope I didn't share this card before.  I thought I copied a bunch of new cards onto my jump drive but apparently I copied them into the ether cuz they ain't on there.  Stamp by DeNami, border punch SU (I think) and swirl by Quick Kutz.


butterfly said...

Tee hee - I like a good ghost, real or not! And a cute card too...
Alison x

Michelle N. said...

LOL-I like you-I did the same things to the high school kids where I worked for 30 years! Love your cards!